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Let Us Love One Another



"Let Us Love One Another":

St. Norbert College's Theme for 2013-14 


Let Us Love One Another: It was Abbot Bernard Pennings’ motto – one clearly reflected in the life he lived.

Through Pennings, we learn that love is about movement – he crossed an ocean to serve the needs of a small community in Wisconsin. Love is about being present – in listening, Pennings heard his new community’s call for education, and founded the college we now call our own. Love sinks deep roots and needs daily tending – so Pennings founded an abbey where his community could pray, eat and learn together.

May our community be a place that loves in the spirit of Pennings:

  •  boldly crossing boundaries and moving to new places
  •  present to one another, especially those who feel their voices are not heard
  •  investing ourselves in the deep sustenance of prayer, companionship, and meaningful dialogue.

Programs relating to the Annual Theme in 2013-14

  • Mission and Ministry: 
    • Freshman Orientation
    • Relationship Retreat
    • Catholic Intellectual Tradition Series: C.S. Lewis and "The Four Loves"
  • The Killeen Chair Lecture Series:
    "Happiness and the Good Life"
  • ALIVE programming in the residence halls
  • President's Office: 
    • SNC Day
    • November 15, 2013: Ethics in Business Workshop (Co-sponsored by American Foundation for Counseling Services) with LTC David Jones
  • Mission and Student Affairs
    • " Living Water: The Story of St. Gabriel the Archangel Church - a performance by Still Point Theater Production,"  October 22, 2013




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