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Maggie McConnaha

Community Organizer

Maggie McConnaha is a junior studying English and secondary education at St. Norbert. As a student, she is a member of the Honors Program and is pursuing a double minor in Spanish and Peace and Justice Studies.

Maggie hopes to pursue a career in teaching, and she plans to couple her social justice experience into English curriculum and school programs. Maggie hopes to eventually take on leadership roles in education to ensure all students get a more equal footing in education and feel that they are valued in the classroom - a motivator for students to succeed academically and personally.

As a student activist, Maggie often struggles with turning empathy and emotion into concrete action, and this is the focus question of her new research project: How collegiate students can go from “Slacktivism” to “Activism.” She personally believes that a lot of social issues can be solved through mutual respect and understanding, which are best sown early in a person’s life. From there, a mixture of grassroots and executive leadership can create a more just and equitable world.

As a Community Organizer with the Norman Miller Center, Maggie has helped shape the Better Together Day program and has grown the center’s interfaith program. She enjoys facilitating discussions and leading panels to help the students and community members of St. Norbert College better understand the issues that are facing the Green Bay area and beyond. She has been able to speak at a public demonstration in Green Bay, been interviewed by a local news program about the rising poverty levels in Brown County, and written pieces with both America Magazine and The Progressive. Maggie has presented her research on literature and empathy at the Wisconsin Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies.

In addition to working with the Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice, and Public Understanding, Maggie is a Writing Consultant, the Honors Pulse Editor-in-Chief, co-president of SWEA, and a member of Oxfam. You can reach her at

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