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Campus Ministry Student Coordinator Applications

Campus Ministry is accepting applications for the following student staff positions:

The TRIPS Program is a collaboration with both Campus Ministry and the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning. If you are interested in either of the TRIPS positions listed below, please visit the TRIPS website for  job descriptions and the application on the TRIPS webpage.

  • TRIP Leader Trainer
  • TRIPS Marketing and Event Coordinator
IMPORTANT - To apply for a position in Campus Ministry,  you must complete the application below in its entirety. Before you begin, please carefully read section 1. You will need to prepare one document to address each of the questions listed. Upload the document where indicated below and then continue filling out the application.
For full consideration, applications must be received no later than Monday, February 17, 2014.

I. Short Answer Questions and Employment/Experience History

Please upload one document that will include both Parts A and B.  Be sure to include your name at the top of this document.

Part A : Please upload a document that addresses each of the following items:

1.    Why are you interested in working in Campus Ministry?

2.    What do you hope to offer the St. Norbert community by working in the position that interests you most?

3.    If you are applying for one of the other coordinator positions, please look at the duties described in the Position Description and explain which duties interest you most and why.

Part B: One typed list showing:
  1. Activities and other commitments (including other on- or off-campus employment positions) that you expect to have in the coming academic year (involvements such as athletics, job at home, groups you may be interested in joining, etc.)

  2. Past experiences of being in a position as a spiritual leader among your peers.

Upload here:
II. Applicant Information

Full Name:
Student ID Number:
Class Year in 2014-15   

Suite Number:
Cell Phone Number:
Home Street Address:
I affirm that I am in good standing with the college (Please state yes or no):
Hometown church:
Current career interests/life goals
How did you hear about the Campus Ministry positions?
Are you able to work the full academic year?
III. Position Placement Interest

  First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
IV. References 

Ask two (2) people who know you and your work (teachers, youth ministers, supervisors, etc.) to be a reference for you. At least one of your references must be someone who is familiar with your spiritual life, such as a priest/pastor (lay) minister, or a catechist/Sunday School teacher. Please note that peers and family members cannot serve as references.

Please provide the name and email of both references below and we will contact them for references.

General reference name (1):      Ge
General reference e-mail (1):      
Please describe why you have chosen this person as a reference.  
Spiritual reference name (2):      
Spiritual reference e-mail (2):      
Please describe why you have chosen this person as your spiritual reference.  

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