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The St. Siard Intentional Living Community

The St. Siard Intentional Living Community is a co-ed Intentional Living Community that will live in two separate suites - 4 males, 4 females - in MMM Residential Hall.  It is an outreach of the Campus Ministry Department of St. Norbert College and is directed by the members of the Campus Ministry professional staff.

The name for the community reflects the Catholic, Norbertine Heritage of the college.  St. Siard was a humble and fruitful Abbot in the 13th century in Friesland who was successful in spreading the apostolic spirit of the Order, rooted in the gospel, under his leadership.  During his time as Abbot, St. Saird, much like our founder St. Norbert, became well known for his gifts as a peacemaker and showed a special affinity for care for those who were in need.  Often depicted with a breadbasket at his feet, he traveled with bread and other food to distribute to the poor he would encounter on his journey.  Click here to learn more about his life and impact.

Mission Statement:
Members of the St. Siard Intentional Christian Community of St. Norbert College strive to live a Christ-centered life founded in the Catholic and Norbertine values.The community supports discernment and faith growth of its members as well other students touched by the community's ministry.  Seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit, the members strive to be living witnesses of the Catholic faith in their commitment to prayer, service, communio, and evangelization.  

Vision Statement:
Members of the St. Siard Intentional Christian Community seek to grow in faith, hope and love, giving public witness to the primacy of Christ in their lives.  Guided by the Catholic and Norbertine ideal of communio and the Catholic Church's vision of the New Evangelization, its members commit to developing Christ-centered relationships, service to the greater community, and regular prayer in common.

Living in the community, the following are required:

1.  Prayer

  • Going to Sunday Mass as a community
  • Offering a regular prayer experience once a week that is open to the wider SNC Community
  • Gathering for community prayer with the St. Siard Community

2.  Service

  • Inviting the SNC community to participate in service with the  St. Siard Community at a Community Partner Site once a month
  • Participating in a leadership role in SNC Campus Ministry, SNC Parish, or Diocesan Ministry Offerings

3.  Community Living 

  • Abiding by all SNC Residential Living Policies
  • Abiding by SNC Living Contract completed at the beginning of the semester
  • Participating in a community meal and community recreation once a week
  • Fulfilling roles of responsibility within the living community
  • Participating in biweekly meeting with director as a community
  • Participating in weekly community meetings

4.  Formation

  •  Attending monthly St. Siard  community sessions that cover the topics of faith formation,  vocation, discernment, prayer, and catechesis
  •  Attending the St. Siard  community retreat at the beginning of each semester

Living in community the following are community decisions:

1.  Prayer

  • Regularity, time, and types/forms of communal prayer
  • Experience a variety of liturgical communities within the Catholic Church once a month

2.  Service

  • Identifying a community partner service opportunity at the sites
  • Opportunities for ministry are dependent upon specific talents and gifts of individuals within the community

3.  Community Living

  • Identifying a time and day for a weekly community meal
  • Identifying a time and day for a weekly community meeting and biweekly meeting with the director

4.  Formation

  • Assisting director in identifying speakers/guests for formation meetings and topics
  • Identifying sessions for community retreat opportunities
Your Name
College ID Number
Current year in school
Other commitments you will have in 2014-15:
Will you be in Sophomore block or student teaching?
If yes, which semester?  
Are you an Athlete?
Are you planning on studying abroad?
If yes, which semester?

Please upload one document that will include both Parts A and B.  Be sure to include your name at the top of this document. Microsoft Word or a pdf file are preferred.

Part A: Short answer. Please respond fully to all of the following questions:

  1. Please list any other significant commitments you will have during the 2014-2015 academic year (including things such as on or off campus work, course internships, club memberships).

  2. Is there anything about you that we should know that may prevent you from more fully entering the experience of the St. Siard Community?

  3. What about participating in the St. Siard Community excites you, and what will challenge you?

Part B: Please answer the following in essay form:
  1. What are your hopes expectations of the St. Siard Community?  What are the ways you expect that you can contribute to this ideal?

  2. In what ways do you practice your faith?  Please be as specific as you can.  

  3. What talents and gifts do you feel you can use to better the ministry and life of the community?

  4. What questions do you hope to explore through this experience?

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