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Devan Lenz

Devan Lenz
Publicity Coordinator

High School: Xavier High School
Major/Minor: Middle Childhood and Early Adolescent Education/ELL and Language Arts
Home Church: Appleton Alliance Church (Appleton, Wis.)

Goals/hopes as a member of the Campus Ministry Team: To use my talents and gifts to plan the best mission trips possible for students and to have a blast meeting people while doing it.

Favorite place to pray/reflect on campus: Campus Center reflection lounge. The view out over the water is breath-taking and really helps me realize the beauty and love of God.

Favorite quotes: "On the eve of the cross, Jesus made a decision; He would rather go to hell for you than heaven without you"

Favorite food from the Cafe: Call me crazy, but I love the Caf's meatloaf and whipped potatoes! The chicken patties are also delicious.

Favorite weekend fun at SNC: Bee-bop around downtown De Pere (Luna, Pizza Hut, Voyager Park, Zesty's) or see what events are happening at the Campus Center.

Campus Ministry

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