Campus Ministry at St. Norbert College offers you a variety of wonderful ways to deepen your faith and explore spiritual questions.

Retreat Opportunities

The Greek word axia means worth or value. As such, this retreat strives to help participants understand and appreciate the intrinsic worth and value we all have as part of God’s creation. This retreat integrates the world of liturgy and prayer, life experience and powerful talks that will help participants gain a greater connection with the Norbertine and Catholic heritage of the college. 

“Hello, My Name is ______” First Year Retreat
Adjusting to college life can be tough. In order to help you build and sustain relationships – as well as strengthen your spiritual life to address the challenges, we offer the first-year student retreat, “Hello, My Name is_______.” Consisting of discussions facilitated by juniors and seniors, meaningful prayer experiences and fun social activities, “Hello, My Name is ______” seeks to equip each student with the tools to enhance their college experience.

OMG! I’m a Senior!
Are you having some anxiety about leaving St. Norbert College? Are you worried about what you will do with your future? Do you want to make the most of your last semester of college? Are you concerned about how you are going to create a community when you are finished with college? Consider attending this retreat.

Overnight Retreats
Campus Ministry works together in collaboration with various departments and student groups on campus to provide overnight retreats that focus on the development of important elements of spirituality that are consistent with our core traditions.