Campus Ministry at St. Norbert College offers you a variety of wonderful ways to deepen your faith and explore spiritual questions.

Other Reflection Options

The observation of Sacred Hour connects us with St. Norbert of Xanten in whose life prayer, study and contemplation were key elements. It also acts as a college adaptation of that which Nobertines experience in their daily living – specific times dedicated to coming together in prayer. 

On our campus, all are asked to honor Sacred Hour by slowing down, stepping away from business as usual and taking time for personal or group experiences of reflection, contemplation or prayer. 

The college observes Sacred Hour every Wednesday from 10-11 a.m. 

You are most welcome to observe Sacred Hour by attending the community gathering that are offered when classes are in session. These offerings start at 10:10 a.m. and last for about half an hour. Over the years we’ve been touched to learn of some of the other meaningful ways community members observe this time:

  • Going for a walk and giving thanks for the beauty of God revealed in nature
  • Reading from Sacred texts, devotionals, or other inspiring literature
  • Spending time in quiet reflection, meditation, or journaling
  • Having deep conversation with a colleague – neither work meetings nor shooting the breeze, but significant conversations about topics with personal and deep significance
  • Meeting with a small group to discuss Scripture or spiritual reading
  • Visiting a spiritual website that offers a daily devotional or lectio divina opportunity
  • Reaching out to a friend or colleague who is navigating a difficult experience – taking advantage of Sacred Hour to engage in the deep tending of relationships we are called to by communio
  • Spending time in prayer or reflection in one of the sacred spaces on campus

Please note that those wishing to develop their own small group experiences to take place during Sacred Hour are welcome to consult with staff of Campus Ministry for help with ideas, resources or planning.

May these moments of reflection, prayer, conversation and contemplation nourish us as individuals and build up the sense of communio on our campus.