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Spiritual Resources

Faith Connections

In response to the religious diversity of our campus, the Campus Ministry team has created a Faith Connections Program that seeks to connect students with folks on our campus who representative various spiritual traditions as well as connect you to a local place of worship in your tradition. The faculty and staff that have volunteered to be part of this program are available to students who are looking for information about ways to observe their tradition in the Green Bay area, or who simply want to talk to someone who shares their spiritual grounding. Please feel free to contact any person listed for more information about your home tradition. If you want the staff of Campus Ministry to help you initiate contact with someone on this list, feel free to contact us at 

Scripture Reflections
Life can be quite demanding and hectic and sometimes it may seem that it would be a bit easier if we just had a guide book. According to our Christian faith, we have such a tool that we call scripture. We are called to participate in the life of the Word each time we pray as a community, and in campus ministry, we would like to provide an opportunity for you to also encounter scripture on your own time by offering reflections on the readings we encounter in our worship life. Here, you will find scripture reflections written by St. Norbert College students, faculty and staff, alumni, board members and Norbertines.

Spiritual Guidance
A spiritual guide is a companion who will walk with you on your journey. Whether you are facing a spiritual crisis or simply want to know and follow God more closely, a spiritual guide can be a valuable asset. If you are interested, contact Sandy Murphy at or (920) 403-3925.

Sacred Spaces
Prayer and contemplation are core aspects of Norbertine life. St. Norbert of Xanten placed strong emphasis on prayer, study and reflection as integral to his own process of life long conversion. Norbert’s choice of The Rule of St. Augustine as the guide for his followers reaffirms the centrality of prayer in all its forms to Christian life. The Rule encourages community members to be zealous in prayer, and mandates that an oratory be set apart as a place completely dedicated to both communal and private prayer. Furthermore, St. Augustine in his rule exhorts that when we pray, “ponder in your hearts what your lips are saying.” In the Norbertine tradition, private prayer and spiritual reading complement the Liturgy of the Hours and above all the Eucharist as the deep sources of communio.

St. Norbert College is committed to providing spaces for prayer or quiet reflection for members of the college community from any faith or spiritual perspective. You will find these spaces vary – from formal spaces conducive to group gatherings to quiet spots in which individuals can catch their breath.

Web Resources
Looking for quality spiritual resources that you can access at your leisure? Check out some of the sites listed below for everything from daily prayer/reflections, online retreats, reviews of books and movies, and articles that address relevant matters of faith.

  • Busted Halo - An online magazine for young adult seekers
  • Creighton Online Ministry - Daily reflections and an online retreat
  • Focus on Faith - A show produced by ABC News that explores the world of politics, news, pop-culture and more with a perspective of faith.
  • Liturgy of the Hours - Daily prayer
  • Norbertines - International site of the Norbertines
  • Pray-As-You-Go - Daily prayer for your MP3 player
  • Sacred Space - Site hosted by the Irish Jesuits, with daily reflections
  • St. Norbert Abbey - this is a link to the De Pere Abbey and founding Abbey of the CollegeUSCCB - U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has daily readings
  • USCCB - U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has daily readings

Campus Ministry

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