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Amos 8:4-7
Ps 113
1Tim 2:1-8
Lk 16:1-13

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Archive of Past Reflections
Scripture Reflection
by Adi Redzic '09


From our initial arrival to St. Norbert College, we are exposed to many conversations regarding leadership and management.  We are also taught about integrity, and through many opportunities that are extended to us—to practice leadership at a smaller scale as leaders in student organizations, chairs of different event planning committees or even in our jobs—we are tested on a daily basis to build upon our integrity and honesty.

And while some might find leadership in student organizations “not so important,” the Gospel story tells us, it is small things that count, and truly show someone’s personality. It is small things that people don’t always pay attention to, but those same small things are also where the people are most likely to take “an easy way out” and often tell “white lies.” Nonetheless, it is not only those small things that people don’t pay attention to, but the big ones as well. In either case, be that five million dollars or only five bucks, people ought to always be honest with things that have been entrusted to them. Being in a position in which people consider you trustworthy cannot compare to any wealth or any other sort of dishonest gift or praise. 

Based on my life experiences, it is honesty and trustworthiness that I call sacred. It is honesty that binds us to and with other people, and helps us understand them.  Honesty is something beautiful as it allows people to get to know each other in truly meaningful and deep ways. Now, are all people always trustworthy and honest?  Probably not. But if we go back to the Gospel story, and think about it for a bit, we might as well conclude how important it is not only to always be honest, but also help others understand its importance. And as leaders and managers, the best way we can do that is by being a genuine example of trustworthiness and honesty. People will appreciate that.  


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