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Hab 1:1-3; 2:2-4
Ps 95
2Tim 1:6-8, 13-14
Lk 17:5-10

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Scripture Reflection 
by Kori Feuerstein '09, Sociology Major, Music Minor


Every one has faith in something. It can be faith in our parents, ourselves or even the Green Bay Packers! But when one is asked about faith, more often than not it pertains to their faith in God. In today’s Gospel, Jesus compares having faith the size of a mustard seed. Now mustard seeds are not a normal sized seed. If you were to hold one in your hand and accidentally drop it, you would have a very hard time finding it because it is so small. But--and here’s the cool part--when you plant a mustard seed, it grows into a very large tree with many branches. We may start out with the “size” of our faith for God being very small, but as we listen to His word and become nourished by it, our faith grows like the mustard seed into a tree—so large we can not even fathom it! Faith is so strong of a power no matter how “large” or “small” it may seem. Using our faith to better the lives of others is what we being God’s servants should strive to do. It can be as little as holding the hand of a small child while crossing a busy street or donating our time at a homeless shelter. Sharing our time with others is what encourages our faith in both ourselves and in God. Giving our faith a chance to grow by challenging ourselves to reach out to others helps the “branches” of our “mustard seed tree” grow and multiply to lengths we once thought were impossible.


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