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Ex 17:8-13
Ps 121
2Tim 3:14 -  4:2
Lk 18:1-8

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Scripture Reflection
by Fr. John Bostwick, O. Praem.


The shaggy haired boy trudged drearily up the stairs, heading the for Algebra exam.  He was scared and he was pleading with God for help to pass this test. He had prepared, but had no confidence.  “Please, please, God, let me pass this test.”  The boy was almost in tears. “If you let me pass this test, I’ll say a rosary every day for the next week.”

This is not one of my prouder moments in prayer.  What kind of God did I think I was praying to?  What kind if God would require all that anxiety?  What kind of God needed to be bribed by the promise of extra prayers?

The point of Jesus’ parable is to both affirm the value of faithful prayer and to affirm the nature of God as the Lover of humanity.  God is NOT like the unjust judge, who having no respect for anyone, renders a just verdict because the widow wore him down with her persistence.   The lesson here is one of contrast. If an unjust man will do the right thing, how much more easily will God, who is Justice and love, respond to those who come to Him in prayer?

Our prayer is not to convince God to do something He would not do otherwise. God loves us.  That is the given.  Our prayer is an expression of our trust in Him.
The final, enigmatic saying of Jesus in the passage:  “But when the Son of Man comes will He find faith on earth?” can be understood as a question about trust.  Do we trust God?  And does our prayer reflect on fundamental trust in God who loves us?

By the way, I passed the algebra exam.

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