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Zep 2:3, 3:12 - 13
Ps 146
1Cor 1:26-31
Mt 5:1-12a

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Archive of Past Reflections
Scripture Reflection
by Julie Hammer '07, Director of Religious Education, Blessed Trinity Parish


Julie Hammer picks up her reflection where Sunday’s epistle leaves off, focusing her writing on 1 Corinthians 2:1-5.

Paul is writing to the Church of Corinth about how important it is to not get caught up in human capabilities, but to focus on and trust the power of God.  The people of Corinth, like us today, had many questions about the nature of God.  Paul’s mission was to proclaim to the multitudes the mystery of God, but Paul knew that conventional methods would not be good enough.  Paul is telling the people of Corinth and us that the mysteries that are God will not and cannot be discovered using human means.  That is a confusing message because all that we as humans know and all that we have as a starting place are human methods.  This is where the true message of Paul comes in because he is telling the people of Corinth and us that we cannot expect that our human capabilities will aid us in discovering the mysteries that are God.  We must rely on our faith and the spirit and power of God to lead us in the right direction, and when we have shown our faith God will unveil to us all of the mysteries that are our creator.

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