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1 Sm 16:1-13
Ps 23
Eph 5:8-14
Jn 9:1-41

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Scripture Reflection
by Livy Traczyk, '08


In each of the readings today we get a stark contrast between what and how humans and God humans see and judge. In the first reading, Samuel looks at Eliab and assumes by his outward appearance that God must have anointed him. And the Lord reprimands Samuel, saying that a person cannot be judged by what they exhibit on the outside. Indeed, Eliab was rejected by the Lord chooses David instead.

Once again in the Gospel reading we see how Jesus grants the blind man his sight, though the townsmen consider him to be a sinner. Their disbelief in his new sight reflect their inability to see beyond assumptions of who this man was, or what sin his parents had committed, and subsequently they were unable to see Jesus.

I think that often in our daily lives we judge people such like manners. Regardless of whether our thoughts are positive or negative, we are all guilty of prejudgments and misperceptions of the people around us. What the readings for today demonstrate however, is how limiting and self-damaging such judgments truly are because they distract us from focusing on who God is in our lives. When this happens we end up missing out on what the Lord is trying to show us—which really only results in a further disconnect between us and our God.

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