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St. Norbert College is committed to the spiritual development of all our students. We actively seek to provide places where students can explore life’s big questions, grow in religious understanding, and deepen their faith commitments. See if one or more of the descriptors below sounds like you…

St. Norbert College Parish

"I chose St. Norbert College because it’s Catholic…how can I deepen and practice my faith while on campus?”

  • Go to church…Old St. Joe’s is conveniently located right on campus!
  • At the campus parish you can choose to get involved in music or liturgical ministry, become a catechist, or work in youth ministry.
  • Attend Donum Ipsum – where students, campus ministers and Norbertines gather to pray and explore important aspects of the Catholic tradition.
  • Attend the Axia retreat – a weekend-long immersion into the Catholic and Norbertine heritage of the college.

“I live out my faith or values through service and working for justice.”

  • Students serve in many ways on campus, but a major way is through our TRIPS program which is co-directed by folks in ministry, leadership, and service. On our service trips, you’ll be expected to reflect on the service you do, and encouraged to connect the work you are doing to your beliefs.
  • Our Norman Miller Center brings in speakers and exhibits that can open your eyes to issues of justice in our country and around the world.
  • Many student orgs address needs in our local community and world – from Habitat for Humanity to Zambia Project and more!


“I like hearing what my peers think about a variety of spiritual and religious topics.”

  • Attend an ALIVE Team program in your residence hall – talk with your peers about topics ranging from friendship, suffering,  to the ways we image God.
  • Attend Common Prayer during Sacred Hour – students lead this ecumenical prayer experience at least once each semester. Come hear how they understand their relationship with God
  • Participate in our Muslim-Christian dialogue group to learn about the beliefs and practices of your classmates.
  • Go on a retreat or join a small group.

Center for Community Service Learning

"I’m not Catholic and my faith matters to me.”

  • Know that the ALIVE Team programs and most Campus Ministry events are led by and aimed at students from a variety of faith backgrounds.
  • Look here for a listing of faculty and staff of various religious traditions who want to support students living out their beliefs.
  • Complete the Interest Form on the Campus Ministry website and let us know if you would like assistance connecting to a house of worship in your tradition.
  • As a campus we’re always trying to do more. In past years we supported the efforts of International Student Programs to bring halal meat to one of the campus dining areas and to equip Mulva Library Room 306 for Muslim prayer. When in doubt, contact Campus Ministry, but know that many faculty and staff on campus want to support you.
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