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2017 Afternoon Educational Opportunity


The showing of this film will be held in the Ft. Howard theater. All are welcome to attend. No registration needed. Invite family members and friends!


  • 1:45-Snacks and conversation
  • 2:00-Welcome and introductions
  • 2:15-Movie
  • 4:00-Discussion 


The title of this Netflix documentary refers to the 13th Amendment, which officially abolished slavery in 1865, “except as a punishment for crime.” The film argues that this “loophole”— allowing forced labor for criminals—creating a system that allows the imprisonment of black citizens, many on minor charges, and thus created a forced labor system.

The film brings to light the mass incarceration epidemic of the 21st century and the importance of civil rights and the effects of systematic racial prejudice.
The Civil Rights Movement did not end with Martin Luther King, Jr. The film shows that even though we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go.  “The systems of oppression are durable,” they “reinvent themselves.”