The study of language and culture makes our students aware of their own values and appreciative of the values of others.

Modern Languages & Literatures

Our world grows more global by the day. You’ll thrive best in that world with a broad understanding of cultural subtleties and practices.

When you study a language, you gain skills far beyond the ability to communicate. You develop a cultural awareness that prepares you to live and work in an international milieu while deepening your understanding of your own beliefs and values.

At St. Norbert College, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in one of four language programs:
You may also pursue several language-based minors:
  • French
  • French teaching
  • German
  • German teaching
  • Japanese
  • Japanese area studies
  • Spanish
  • Spanish teaching
In addition, you may earn a French, German, Japanese or Spanish language certificate that demonstrates intermediate-level proficiency.

A Language Degree at Work
In an increasingly international society, your language studies will serve you well in virtually any career. Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company, a small business, a human services organization or a school system, you’ll find ample opportunity to put your communication skills to work.

As a language major, you might pursue a career in:
  • Translation
  • Hospitals
  • Translation agencies
  • Airlines
  • Law firms
  • Banks
  • Museums
  • Publishers
  • Interpretation
  • Travel services/tour guides
  • Teaching
  • Immigration/naturalization
  • Diplomacy/civil service
  • International relations
  • Educational administration
  • Business and industry
  • International mission work
Strengthen Your Language Degree
The best way to develop fluency in a language is to study it in a country where it is spoken. As a language major, you’ll spend at least one semester studying abroad. For a teaching minor, you’ll complete at least six weeks of international language immersion. In certain study abroad programs, you can pair your studies with an overseas internship.

On campus, Japan Club and Spanish Club can help you enrich your cultural and verbal fluency. As an experienced student, you might consider living in the college’s Spanish House, where you will routinely speak the language for a semester or a year.

Your academic excellence in language study may earn you a spot in St. Norbert College’s chapter of Phi Sigma Iota. Membership in this national honor society is the highest U.S. academic honor for language study.

Alumni Highlight

I chose St. Norbert College largely for its Japanese language courses and the quality of its study abroad program, and during my junior year of college, I went to Tokyo to study at Sophia University. ... Recently, the JET Program accepted me to teach English in Japan. I will be returning to Japan in the summer of 2015 to begin my job, this exciting new chapter of my life. I intend to work for JET for a few years before applying to graduate school to pursue a Masters in East Asian Studies. Eventually, I would like to earn a doctorate and teach as a professor at a college.” – Joseph Simurdiak '14

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Faculty Highlight

John Day (Modern Languages & Literatures) is deconstructing a traditional textbook and remaking it for a plugged-in world.

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Faculty Highlight

A stay in Cambodia prompted Tom Conner (Modern Languages & Literatures) to initiate a Skype-facilitated program that is connecting students in the Southeast Asian country with speakers of English around the world, including St. Norbert students.

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