The natural sciences have always been critical to a liberal arts education and, at St. Norbert, you’ll find we embrace opportunities for experiential learning and undergraduate research.

Natural Sciences Course Offerings

NSCI 104 Great People of Science – GS 4
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NSCI 348 Bioterrorism – GS 11
The course will investigate the methods of development of biological weapons and the mechanisms of their use against a military or civilian population. Biological weapons are defined as those viral and bacterial pathogens of humans that induce illness in the affected individual and also those biological agents that can damage or destroy the food and water supply of a population. Protection against such attacks will be discussed. The effects on society as a whole and the responses of society to the threat of bioterrorist attacks will be emphasized. This course has a laboratory component in addition to a lecture format. In the laboratory, the principles of epidemiological spread of disease agents will be investigated by the use of simulations and the mechanisms of disease prevention will be addressed experimentally.

NSCI 354 Natural History Field Studies
The course involves an extended inter-semester field trip to study the natural history and culture of an area (generally the neotropics). Students are required to attend regular classes before and after the trip. A research project and field book constitute the major course requirements.