The natural sciences have always been critical to a liberal arts education and, at St. Norbert, you’ll find we embrace opportunities for experiential learning and undergraduate research.

Natural Sciences Major Requirements

Natural Sciences Major

(15 courses)

The objective of the major in natural sciences is to allow pre-professional students to make their selection of courses based on the requirements of the professional school. The following provisions govern this program:

  1. A major in natural sciences (divisional major) consists of 15 courses in the division of natural sciences that meet the educational objectives of the student. Eight of these courses must be numbered 200 or above – courses serving the General Education program may not be used to satisfy this specific requirement. Five of the required 15 courses must be in one discipline.
  2. No student may elect both a natural sciences major and any other major or minor within the natural sciences division. A natural sciences major may elect to minor in mathematics or computer science provided the courses used to satisfy the minor do not also count toward the natural sciences major. A minimum of five courses must be taken in addition to those used to satisfy the requirements of the first major. 
  3. The program of study is subject to the approval of the student’s academic advisor and the associate dean of natural sciences.