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St. Norbert College student leader represents Wisconsin at National Student Congress

From The Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship, August 4, 2009
by Mindy Shannon Phelps,, 859-619-1642

Meghan Goerke, a senior at the St. Norbert College, joined fifty distinguished college seniors, each representing a state or the District of Columbia, in Lexington, Kentucky June 22-26 for the second annual National Student Congress.

Student leaders debated and developed consensus solutions for addressing these problems, which were nationally released in the first-ever "Threat Index" on Friday, June 26.

Goerke is majoring in business administration and political science at St. Norbert College. The daughter of Axel and Mary Ellen Goerke, she was an editor for the Pulaski News and is an account executive for the St. Norbert Times. Goerke plans to attend law school.

"A good statesman has solid ideals and philosophies, and actively tries to incorporate them into his current law system. In order to achieve this, he needs to be broad-minded, open to new possibilities and able to lead without hesitation," said Goerke.

The Student Congress, an undergraduate short course entitled "Global Statesmanship in a Changing World" was hosted by the University of Kentucky and Transylvania University as well as Ashland, the Estate of Henry Clay. Students were either selected by their U.S. Senator or recommended by their university to attend. The Henry Clay Foundation provided full scholarships to all student attendees.

The week's program provided students with a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices of the great Kentucky statesman, Henry Clay, in the modern context of promoting debate, diplomacy, dialogue, negotiation, mediation and the art of beneficial compromise.

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