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St. Norbert College awarded National Science Foundation grant

From St. Norbert College, January 3, 2007
by Mike Counter,, (920) 403-3089

St. Norbert College recently received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarship in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for $500,000. This grant will help the College attract and retain academically talented, financially needy students in mathematics and computer science.

NSF funds will provide scholarship and programmatic support for Natural Science PRIDE, a program to Promote, Recruit, Involve, Develop and Employ undergraduate students in mathematics and computer science.

"The College is pleased and honored to be chosen as part of the select, nationwide group of NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics award recipients," said William Hynes, president of the College. "Natural Science PRIDE builds on our rich tradition of providing students with undergraduate research experiences, as well as a well-rounded, liberal arts education."

Over a four-year period, Natural Science PRIDE will award approximately 96 scholarships. Approximately 24 awards, averaging $4,815 and up to the maximum $10,000, will be made annually. A special effort will be made to recruit and select individuals from traditionally under-served and under-represented groups in mathematics and computer science.

Created by St. Norbert College professors John Frohliger (Mathematics), David Pankratz (Computer Science) and Bonnie McVey (Computer Science), Natural Science PRIDE will provide students with financial support, academic advising and mentoring, access to internship and recruitment opportunities, opportunities to socialize informally with faculty and peers, and specialized seminars.

A "Secrets for Success Seminar" series has been specially developed to help PRIDE scholars succeed as mathematics and computer science majors and, eventually, as professionals in these fields. Organized by Pankratz and McVey, seminar topics include career choices, research opportunities, tips for academic success, and movies about mathematics and computer science.

"With this grant, we will be able not only to attract more students to mathematics or computer science," said Frohliger, "but also to give those students the opportunity to come to St. Norbert College and pursue their studies under the guidance of an excellent faculty."

The Natural Sciences Division offers eight undergraduate degree programs in science and technology: biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, geology, mathematics, natural science and physics. Hands-on research is woven throughout a St. Norbert College education, and the College is known for faculty-student collaborative research.

For additional information, contact John Frohliger at (920) 403-3958 or

For more information about the PRIDE award, the application process or to apply online, please visit