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St. Norbert College implementing new system to provide rapid notice of emergencies

From St. Norbert College, July 26, 2007
by Mike Counter,, (920) 403-3089

In an effort to consistently improve emergency response procedures, St. Norbert College will be implementing a new emergency technology service called Connect-ED. The system allows College administrators to contact large numbers of students, faculty and staff quickly through multiple electronic technologies.

In case of an emergency on or near campus, St. Norbert College administrators will voice and/or text a message that will be sent out immediately through the Connect-ED system. Those who are registered will receive the message within minutes of it being sent.

All students, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to register up to six numbers or e-mail addresses for emergency notifications. Notification can be delivered via cell-phone, land-line, e-mail, PDA, and/or text message.

Notifications will be limited to emergencies, including such things as weather alerts, building concerns, intruders or potential pandemics. The system will also be tested from time-to-time.

The cost of the Connect-ED system is about $3.00 per community member and will be paid for by the College. Although registration is completely voluntary, the college hopes that all students, faculty, and staff will take advantage of the increased security the Connect-ED system will offer because of the ability to receive emergency notification almost instantaneously.

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