The Norbertine Leadership and Service Awards recognize selfless devotion to improving St. Norbert College and the greater community; to going above and beyond in appreciating human differences; to establishing connections between students, faculty, and staff; and living the college mission.

Beloved Community Social Justice Award

This award will be given annually to one student and one faculty or staff member who has actively worked to make the St. Norbert community a more just, equitable environment, for more of our members, fulfilling the vision of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Beloved Community.”

Students and staff/faculty who demonstrate a commitment to this ideal, and who have actively worked to create positive change within the campus community will be recognized with this award. Through this award our community will name and acclaim those in our midst who most actively promote communio by "embracing all people" and "affirming the sacred dignity of all persons," as expressed in the SNC mission statement. View past Beloved Award winners.

Nomination Criteria
Award nominees should be faculty, staff, or students who:
  • have demonstrated through their speech and action what Dr. King called “the solidarity of the human family”
  • have demonstrated a commitment to building a campus community where every member has an equitable opportunity to succeed
  • have addressed the particular needs of underrepresented populations in our community
  • have helped change our community into a more just community, for more of us
The deadline for nominations is Friday, Feb. 27, 2015.

Beloved Community Social Justice Award Nomination Form


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Status Faculty Staff Student

Please provide detailed, specific examples of a time when the student, staff or faculty member demonstrated their commitment to building a more just, equitable St. Norbert community in the last 12 months. Please be as specific and detailed as possible.   

250 words or less.

Would you be available and willing to present the award if your nominee is selected?