Our program combines a solid foundation in the liberal arts with hands-on nursing study.

Admission Requirements

As a pre-nursing student, you will take 60 general education credits at St. Norbert College, then apply for Bellin College’s 15-Month Option for your nursing courses. The courses are taught in a sequence of seven, eight-week blocks for 15 academic months.

You will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Bellin College and receive a pre-nursing certificate from St. Norbert College. Youll be recognized as an alum of both Bellin College and St. Norbert College. This is a combination that is sure to impress employers!

Youll want to apply first to the St. Norbert College pre-nursing program.

Application requirements include an ACT score of 23 or higher and an incoming GPA of 3.25.

At the sophomore level in the pre-nursing program, students are eligible to apply to the Bellin College Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Bellin College requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 for transfer courses. Standard admission procedures and requirements of St. Norbert College and Bellin College apply.

How Do I Apply?
Those wishing to enroll in the program need to apply to St. Norbert College. Requirements into the pre-nursing program are exactly the same as admission requirements to St. Norbert College.

You will have until May 1 prior to your first year to alert the Office of Admission at St. Norbert College that pre-nursing is your intended major.

What Are the Costs for the Program?
As a pre-nursing student, youll have the same tuition as any other student and be offered the same financial aid as any other major.

You should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in the spring of your senior year. This form is necessary to qualify for federal and state financial aid, including grants and loans. When its time to start classes in Bellins 15-Month Option, when filling out the FAFSA, you will indicate Bellin College instead of St. Norbert College to receive the new financial aid package.

Where Will I Live?
With our traditional residential campus, youll live on campus unless commuting from home less than 35 miles.

Once you have completed your general education requirements at St. Norbert College, you have the freedom to find housing closer to Bellin College in the Green Bay area for the final 15-Month Option program.

A Degree of Difference
When you complete the program, you will earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Bellin College and will be recognized as an alum of both Bellin and St. Norbert colleges.

You will be well-positioned for immediate success in the health care industry. Statistics show that 100 percent of Bellin graduates seeking employment obtain positions within four months of graduation. Bellin nursing graduates are especially sought after for critical-care positions because of the strong clinical practice base they acquire during their college careers.

St. Norbert’s liberal arts curriculum teaches you how to see issues from varying viewpoints and how to understand the dynamics of an organization–invaluable qualities regardless of profession.

A world of opportunities awaits those who complete the program. Graduates have gone on to work in acute-care settings, long-term care facilities, public health offices, home care, occupational health care and administrative positions, to name a few. Many go on to pursue master’s degrees, where additional opportunities, such as becoming a nurse practitioner, are possible.