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Tuition Runs Out Day

"It wouldn't be the same without you ... ."

March 2011


A complete education depends on filling in the blanks

Tuition Runs Out Day marks the point in the college’s fiscal year at which funds furnished by tuition payments alone run dry. Tomorrow, March 2, students will see exactly what that means to the college.

The Tuition Runs Out Day program serves as an opportunity to remind members of the college community exactly how the balance of the cost of a St. Norbert education is met. The campaign includes a video that gives shape to some amenities the college cannot provide from tuition dollars alone.

It is support from its friends that helps the college afford the financial aid that makes a St. Norbert education possible for many students – as well as outfitting its classrooms, labs and meeting areas. As the videoscript says, "Without [the support of donors], it would be different here. We wouldn't have many of the facilities that make this such a special place to learn and grow."

Jenifer Allen (Advancement) says, "We hope the day helps to educate students on the role alumni and donors play in the student experience on campus."

March 1, 2011

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