@St. Norbert April 2010 - Mascot mania St. Norbert College
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Green Knight

Mascot mania!

St. Norbert College is designing a new costumed mascot to lead the cheers at college and athletics events.

It’s a process that will invest the Green Knight with a personality and a backstory that will serve to flesh out the character of the chevalier who has represented the college for many years.

It was an initial request from athletics director Tim Bald that led to the formation of a mascot advisory committee earlier this year. At this “round table” sit representatives from the athletics department, the Student Government Association and the division of student affairs, together with student-athletes, alumni and faculty.

Nick Patton ’03, who developed the updated Green Knight identity three years ago, also serves on the committee. Patton, a graphic designer in the office of communications, has been asked to research mascot characters from other schools, plus vendors that fabricate mascot costumes.

Drawing on comments from the St. Norbert College Facebook page and ideas that emerged from open meetings on campus, Patton is developing concept sketches to present to the community later this semester.

The final design will be sent to a fabricator in June, to be completed and delivered in time for the new mascot figure’s introduction this fall, when the new Donald J. Schneider Stadium opens.

Patton hopes that this latest personification of the knight will become a colorful and popular character – one that might even have a life beyond its costume in drawn, animated and even stuffed-toy renditions.
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