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May 2011

Social media initiatives net national kudos

The St. Norbert community knows that the college can hold its own among the nation’s best institutions of higher learning – and the college’s recent appearance on StudentAdvisor’s list of Top 100 Social Media Colleges proves it.

The distinction recognizes social media initiatives across the college, not just its main institutional accounts. St. Norbert folk are Tweeting dining menus, posting Common Prayer services to YouTube, pushing out multimedia magazine exclusives on Facebook and networking everywhere you look.

Blogger Nate Wine ’11, a biology major, is singled out by StudentAdvisor for his honest take on life. The organization calls his leveraging of social media to materialize his dreams “inspiring.”

The rankings, which place St. Norbert at No. 39 out of 6,000 institutions monitored, take into account the number of followers, the power of those followers, the number of Twitter updates, the frequency of updates and overall engagement, among other calculations.

StudentAdvisor is a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company that maintains its website to help empower students of all ages in deciding which college is the right fit for their personality, academics, budget, career path and future aspirations.

Leading the way 
Nina Nolan ’07 (Office of Communications) manages the college’s social media intitiatives and the recognition from StudentAdvisor drew the immediate attention of another alum, social media guru Dana VanDen Heuvel ’99. VanDen Heuvel ran an interview with the communications specialist in his blog, MarketingSavant, last week.

VandDen Heuvel asked Nolan what she would say to those organizations, whether higher-ed or small business, who are hesitant to engage in social media. “In general I would say they’re missing out,” Nolan told him. “If you have a critical mass of people who are dying to connect with you and already having conversation about you, it’s prudent to join the conversation.”

May 3, 2011

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