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Sacramental Preparation

We cherish the sacraments that are at the heart of the life of our parish. We ask that parishioners who are preparing for any of the sacraments join us for one of our weekly Sunday parish Masses and regularly attend Generations of Faith (GOF). GOF is our primary parish religious education program and this year, we have partnered with St. Matthew's Parish. Every child or teen preparing to receive one of the sacraments for the first time should take full part in GOF. View the 2016-17 sacrament schedule.

The sacrament of baptism derives its name from a Greek word that means to plunge or to immerse into water. It highlights the new Christian’s burial into Christ’s death and resurrection into a new Christian life of grace. Baptism also makes us children of light and empowers us to bring the light of Christ into the world.

The sacrament of reconciliation (confession) is available by appointment.  Please call (920) 403-3010. Anyone seeking this sacrament may contact any priest on campus for an appointment at any time. 

First Eucharist 
The Eucharist is a mystery of love, celebrated in the midst of the assembled faithful and at the very heart of the liturgical life of the church. The Eucharist is the memorial of our Lord’s passion and resurrection. The word “Eucharist” comes from the Greek for thanksgiving, and, through it, we express gratitude for God’s many gifts. Another name for the Eucharist is the Lord’s Supper, as this sacrament recalls Jesus’ Last Supper with the apostles and looks ahead to the heavenly banquet. 

A continuation of the sacrament of baptism, confirmation reaffirms a Catholic’s commitment to his or her faith.  

Parishioners and alumni of St. Norbert College may choose to marry at Old St. Joe’s. Couples are encouraged to contact the parish office a year in advance so that they may begin the period of preparation that the Catholic Church requires for the sacrament of marriage, and inquire about the availability of the church. See the more detailed requirements for marriages at Old St. Joe’s.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)
The RCIA is a process through which unconfirmed or non-Catholic adults complete their journey of initiation into the Roman Catholic Church. Candidates may include people baptized in another Christian denomination who now wish to be initiated in the Catholic tradition, as well as those who were never baptized, and baptized adult Catholics wishing to be confirmed. 

The sacraments of initiation call all Catholics to holiness, to be witnesses and servants of Christ’s gospel. They give the grace we need to live Christ-like lives for others. In general, vocation means calling, an invitation by the Lord to a special kind of service. One can be called to serve God in the single life, as a married person, as a priest or in religious life.

For more information about any of these sacraments, please contact the Parish Office at 920-403-3988 or via email at