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Neil J. & Mary M. Webb Memorial Theatre

Webb Theatre History 

The Neil J. & Mary M. Webb Memorial Theatre is named in lasting memory of the fourth president of St. Norbert College and his wife (1973-1983).  The theatre opened and was dedicated on September 14, 1989.

Webb Theatre   The Webb Theatre is known for its intimacy as the asymmetrical thrust stage allows the seating to wrap around the stage and is home to the St. Norbert College Theatre Program.  The Webb Theatre is handicap accessible.  

Webb Theatre Technical Information 

Room Capacity  190 (184 physical seats)
Stage Dimensions
38'2" deep on center line
22'6" wide at widest point 
Stage Floor  Tongue-in-groove fir on sleepers, covered with 1/4" Duron and painted flat black.  No dance floor available.
Electrics  A series of catwalks surround and overhang the thrust stage.  There are 157 LMI 20 amp dimmers controlled via DMX.  The distribution is a dimmer-per-circuit layout using stage pin connectors.  A 400 amp road box is located off stage up right using cam lock cable connections.  All cable must pass 50 mega-ohm resistance.  
Sound  The theatre has limited sound control and speakers.  Touring consoles usually locate behind the last row of seats in the 400 section.
Scenery  Scenery must be back painted and fire proofed to local standards.  Theatre staff will inspect and test scenery.  If scenery holds a flame, show must re-fireproof at the theatre at the presenter's expense.  
Scenery Load-In
Shows can only load-in through the scene shop, approximately 70'0" from stage, entering from up stage right.  Loading is at street level; a ramp is required for semi's or box trucks with no lift gate.  Loading doors clear 8'0" wide by 10'0" high.  A dolly and hard cart are available.  
Dressing Rooms A & B These two rooms (both 18'4" x 8'0") are offstage right and upstairs and can accomodate up to 12 people, each.  Both rooms contain a sink with a mirror, toilet and shower.  SHARED WITH THE WALTER THEATRE  
Dressing Room C
This room (17'0" x 12'0") is located offstage and immediately behind the theatre, and can accomodate up to 3 people.  The room contains a sink with mirror and toilet.  This room is handicap accessible.  SHARED WITH THE WALTER THEATRE  
Makeup Room This room (23'0" x 16'0") is on the same level as dressing rooms A & B and can accomodate up to 20 people at one time.  The room contains a sink and two large counters with full counter-length mirrors that are well lit.  The room also contains a washer, a dryer and ironing boards for wardrobe work.  SHARED WITH THE WALTER THEATRE  
Green Room This room (23'0" x 26'0") is located offstage and immediately behind the theatre.  The room contains a sink with cupboards, a microwave, vending machines, couches, tables and chairs.  The room can accomodate approximately 20-25 comfortably and provides access upstage right and upstage left.  SHARED WITH THE WALTER THEATRE   
Rehearsal Room  This room (26'7" x 49'0") is located offstage right and in the lower level.  The room contains a sprung wooden floor, ballet bars and mirrors.  SHARED WITH THE WALTER THEATRE
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