Physical Education Course Offerings

PHED 035 Adult & Child CPR & Standard First Aid
This course features hands-on simulation, lectures, as well as live and video demonstration. Participants learn to call and work with EMS, care for conscious and unconscious choking victims, perform CPR, and care for breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults, children and infants.

Includes basic care for injuries or sudden illness until advanced medical care can take over (basic disease transmission precaution, recognizing and caring for bleeding, wounds, burns, heat and cold emergencies; immobilizing muscle, bone and joint injuries; care for shock, bites and poisoning). Meets OSHA guidelines for First Aid. The completion of course includes certification through the American Red Cross.

PHED 036 Jump Stretch Flexibility/Conditioning
This course will cover a different type of training regimen to develop an increased level of flexibility as well as improved power and explosion. Each student will perform at a level relative to their ability and gain an appreciation for lifelong fitness.

PHED 037 Curling
This course will give students the basic skills and knowledge of curling. Content will include history, terminology, equipment, team composition and learning of the fundamentals.

PHED 038 Ki Aikido 
This course will introduce students to the principles and techniques of the dynamic, peaceful martial art of Ki Aikido.

PHED 039 Conditioning & Training for Road Races
Learning the fundamental principles required to successfully train for a 3K, 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon are the fundamental topics in this course. Aerobic and anaerobic training will be conducted through track workouts and longer road runs. The goal of this course is to gain an understanding of different training programs, why they are used, and how to develop and personalize an individual plan for different road races.

PHED 041 Badminton
This course teaches students the basic skills and knowledge of badminton. Content will include learning basic skills such as serves, clears, drives, the drop shot, the smash, net shots, rules and strategy for doubles and singles, terminology, and an understanding of the history of the sport.

PHED 043 Bowling
This course will give students the basic skills and knowledge of bowling. Content will include history, terminology, equipment, approaches, releases, aiming and starting positions. Fee of $30.

PHED 044 Recreational Ice Skating
This course is designed for students interested in learning the proper techniques and methods involved with ice skating. The class will emphasize both forward and backwards skating and will cover all other aspects involved with ice skating. This class is open to all levels of ice skaters. Fee of $35.

PHED 045 Team Sports
This course will give students an opportunity to participate in and enjoy the recreational play of team sports. Emphasis will be on basic skills, knowledge of rules and strategies necessary for participation in the activities.

PHED 048 Golf
This course will provide students with the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes of golf. It will include fundamental skills such as grip, stance, swing, putting, and rules and etiquette. Fee of $25.

PHED 051 Racquetball
This course gives students the skills, knowledge, strategy and rules of racquetball.

PHED 057 Volleyball
This course teaches students the basic skills and knowledge of volleyball. Content will include warm-ups, rules, terminology, serve/ receive information, basic offenses and defenses, spiking coverage and basic skills — serving, forearm pass, setting, blocking, spiking, dives and digs.

PHED 060 Beginning Weight Training for Men
An introduction to the fundamentals, techniques, safety concerns, and surveys of programs and concepts of weight training.

PHED 061 Beginning Weight Training for Women
An introduction to the fundamentals, techniques, safety concerns and surveys of programs and concepts of weight training.

PHED 062 Advanced Weight Training
This course provides the opportunity for students to investigate and experience advanced resistance-training techniques and principles. Prerequisite: PHED 060 / PHED 061 or instructor’s consent.

PHED 075 Organization & Administration of Athletic Programs
This course is designed to provide students with administrative techniques and procedures in the administration of athletic programs with a concentration on the collegiate field. Emphasis on theories and philosophies of administration, policies and practices, leadership, management, budgeting, planning, facilities and legal liabilities.

PHED 101 Concepts of Healthful Living
This course will provide students with knowledge of the concepts of wellness and will show them how they can apply this information to maintain and/or improve their own lifestyles. Knowledge of health-related topics such as nutrition, health legislation, health consumerism, interpersonal communication skills and assertiveness will be presented through lectures. Small group discussions will further investigate these topics and outline how students can apply this information to their lifestyles. Fitness topics such as physiology of the body at rest and during exercise, types of exercise programs, and methods of establishing a personal exercise program will be presented through testing, demonstrations and participation in weekly lab sessions.