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Food Service & Guidelines

Dining Services is responsible for regulating the provision of food/beverages at St. Norbert College and its facilities. They will assist you in planning your event from start to finish, particularly when it involves the preparation and serving of food. Their involvement ensures that the risks inherent in serving food/beverages are controlled, which is most desired by the college and the health of your participants. For the most up to date policy on SNC food policies, click here.

Consult the fundraising section of this site for sales regarding food. Also you must complete the online Food Serving Registration form whenever you plan an SNC event to sell or serve food. In most cases, as outlined below, this form is required before commencing your event or sale. The online form is designed to provide information to Dining Services, so they in turn can provide valuable food safety information to the people involved in food preparation or food service.

Exclusivity Policy
SNC Dining Services is the exclusive provider of food and beverage services in the College's licensed restaurant facilities. No other food may be brought into these areas unless Dining Services cannot provide the service and have refused. The facilities are:
  • Ray Van Den Heuvel Family Campus Center's Phil's and first floor lounge,
  • Bemis International Center's lower and first levels plus the third floor Board Room, and
  • Sensenbrenner Memorial Union.
Pot Lucks
Pot lucks are defined as an event where a participating member or members contribute food they have prepared or bought with the the intent to share with the other attending participants. In order to minimize the College's risk, potlucks should not occur on campus when constituencies from outside of the College's community are involved.

College departmental or student sponsored potlucks must have the approval of the head of the department or the student group advisor. The sponsoring group must, prior to the event, complete the online Food Serving Registration form.

Donated Food
To insure proper food handling, donated food for an on campus event must come from a licensed provider and be approved by Dining Services. The sponsoring group must complete the online Food Serving Registration form at least two weeks prior to the event.

Outside Caterers
Any time outside caterers are used for an on campus event, approval must be obtained at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Start this process by completing the online Food Serving Registration form. Outside caterers must present a copy of their vendor's food and beverage license and their most current Health Inspection Report (2 weeks prior to the event). In addition, a certificate of insurance naming St. Norbert College, Inc and the Premonstratension Fathers as additional insureds must be submitted. More information on this will be provided upon submission of the Food Serving Registration form.

Fund Raisers
Fund raisers involving the sale of food must be approved by Dining Services to ensure safe food handling practices and to minimize risk liability. The sponsoring group must, prior to the sale, complete the online Food Serving Registration form.

Food Safety Guidelines
Whether you are doing a grilled cheese sale, or a pancake breakfast fundraiser, letting Dining Services know what you are doing is paramount to ensuring as much as possible your guests' good health and safety.

Complete the on-line Food Serving Registration form. Dining Services will contact you to provide specific food safety information for your event in particular.

Following are the general food safety guidelines one should always follow when planning a fund raiser or event that serves food. Don't send your guests or clients home sick!

  • Wash hands. Hands need to be washed for at least 20 seconds with hot soapy water before handling or serving food and frequently during the food service event. When to wash hands: After using the restroom, after handling money, between changing food preparation jobs, after eating, drinking, coughing, sneezing, use of tobacco products, and between handling raw foods and ready to eat foods.
  • Use gloves. The Wisconsin Health Code recommends using latex or vinyl gloves when preparing or serving food. You must wash your hands thoroughly before and between using gloves. Gloves may not be washed. Discard gloves after a single use. You may purchase these gloves from Dining Services by calling Matthew Doyle, SNC Dietician, at x3585.
  • Hair Restraints. Anyone preparing and or serving food must wear a hair restraint. Acceptable restraints include a cap or hairnet. Hairnets can be purchased through Dining Services by calling Matthew Doyle, SNC Dietician, at x3585.
  • Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Hot food must be held at a minimum of 140º F and cold foods must held below 40º F. Potentially hazardous food such as cheese, meat, and dairy need to be handled appropriately.
  • Avoid cross contamination. Always use one utensil per item. Do not taste food with the utensil used for serving. Do not use the same tasting utensil more than once.
  • Keep preparation and service areas clean. Use hot soapy water and a food safe disinfectant to keep all food preparation and service surfaces clean. The appropriate disinfectant can be purchased through Dining Services.
  • Store leftovers correctly. All food remaining that was not offered to customers must be discarded.
  • Work Restrictions. Anyone with the following symptoms cannot prepare or serve food: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice, sore throat with fever, or lesions containing pus on the hands, wrists, or an exposed body part (such as boils or infected wounds, however small).
SNC Catering
SNC Dining Services offers catering on campus for something as small as cookies and coffee for a morning meeting, or as big as large scale food service for a dining event. SNC Catering can be arranged by calling Conference & Event Services at x4000. Requests for catering service must be made at least seven full business days prior to the date of the event. To ensure that all catering needs can be accommodated, it is recommended that arrangements be made at least one to two weeks prior to the event.

Event and room set up specifics can be made at this time: Menu, types of tables, table arrangements, audio-visual equipment, estimated attendance, date, times, etc. After these details are set, reservation information will be sent for confirmation.


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