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SNC Event Planning Forms


Complete this form whenever you plan an SNC event to sell or serve food. This online form is designed to provide information to Dining Services, so they in turn can provide valuable food safety information to the people involved in food preparation or food service.

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Online Registration to Serve/Sell Food at an On Campus Event

When Dining Services is contracted to provide the food and beverage for your event, we are using trained personnel to ensure that food safety procedures are used in all areas of food handling from start to finish. When potluck events or fund raising food sale events are not asking Dining Services to provide the food, certain precautions need to be taken to ensure you and your guest's safety.

Contact Name:

Contact Phone Number:

Contact Email:

Name of the Event:

Date and Duration (time) of the Event:

Organization or Department Sponsoring the Event:

Organization Advisor or Department Head's Name:

Advisor or Department Head's Email:

Location of the Event:

Have you reserved the space through the Event Services Office (x4000)?

Estimated Number of Guests:

Do you plan on contracting with SNC Dining Services for the food or beverage for this event?

What food items will you be preparing?

Where will you prepare these items?

Do you have refrigerator and/or feezer space to hold items until food prepration begins?

How do you plan to provide the food or beverage service for this event?


St. Norbert College Dining Services retains the right to regulate the provision of food/beverage services on its property and within its facilities. This oversight is necessary to insure that the risks inherent in serving food/beverages are controlled and to minimize the college's liability exposure.

Name of food or beverage service provider (i.e., business or organization name):

Are you collecting a fee for this event?

Is the food or beverage being donated to your group?

Is your audience internal (SNC community) or external?

I have reviewed the food safety guidelines in the Food Safety & Services section of this web site and will incorporate the guidelines in the food preparation for this event.

In submitting this on-line form, you agree to consult with Dining Services if deemed appropriate to discuss safe food preparation and handling techniques in detail, and to follow all guidelines that have been presented to ensure the safety of your guests.

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