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Legal Services Available

When an event is held on campus or sponsored by a college constituent (ie., department, student organization, etc.), the college is exposed to legal liability. As a constituent of the college, be aware and assist in limiting the risks inherent in planning any public event.

For more information on the college's insurance policy, or the use of liability waivers, contact Kristie Becker, Director of Insurance & Property, at x3066.

Contractual Arrangements
A contract is a legal document. A contract should never be signed until you have read the fine print and agree with the entire contents. Be aware that when you sign a contract, you can be held personably liable if your organization does not follow through. Also, be aware that in Wisconsin, verbal contracts are legally binding.

Any time you make a contractual agreement with an establishment, vendor or performer, it is very important to get it in writing. This protects your organization and the college from unassociated, unreasonable, and/or unexpected costs. If the place or person you are negotiating with does not have a contract, the Department of Leadership, Student Engagement & First Year Experience has two particular types of blank contracts to meet your needs.

Establishment contracts are used when you arrange an event (i.e., Dinner Dance) at a supper club or similar establishment. It simply outlines the prices, deposits and service agreed on by both parties. Such a contract protects you from being overcharged and nearly assures that you get what you were promised by the establishment. This is available in the Forms, Helpful Checklists & Links section.

Event contracts are used when you invite a performer, speaker, or anyone providing service to your organization for a fee. It is strongly encouraged that you consult with someone in LSE before signing an event contract. The event contract also includes the standard St. Norbert College rider, which is required for all events hosted by St. Norbert College or any of its constituents (i.e., student organizations). An event contract form is available in the Forms, Helpful Checklists & Links section.

Copyright Law
If you are planning to show a movie during your event, be sure to check out and abide by the federal copyright laws. These laws are stated in full on the US Copyright Office website.
SNC Release of Claims - Waivers
These forms are utilized by the college lawyers and insurance company to protect the college from liability. All recognized student groups and employees are required to provide this information to continue to provide the best programming we can.

Waivers are required for any activity that is beyond normal day to day college operations. This would include the following:

  • All off campus events such as dinner dances, service projects, retreats, conferences, recreational activities, or any type of trip.
  • Any on campus event that increases risk to campus participants such as portable climbing walls, riding the Festival Cart, or a “car smash” fundraiser.
  • Any activities where personal vehicles are used to transport people; (this case requires specific waiver for both rider and driver.)

Following is the process used to obtain a waiver at St. Norbert College:

  • At least one week in advance of the activity, contact Kristee Becker, x3066, with information about what activities you will be doing and the date(s) of the event. If you are going off campus, please note that completing the off campus event form automatically takes care of this step.
  • Kristee Becker will develop a waiver for the group and send it to the group leader.
  • At least 2 days before the event, send Ms. Becker a simple itinerary. Indicate mode of transportation, list of participants, and indicate which are drivers (if applicable).
  • Get all participants to sign the waiver before participating. Make sure to file this waiver in a safe space for 3.5 years (LSE will do this for all recognized groups).
  • If there are any changes on participant list or significant incidents that involve participant safety, please report these to Kristee Becker immediately following the event.

Event & Fund-Raiser Planning

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