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Off Campus Events/Retreats

An off campus event is any event that takes place in a facility not owned by the College. There are several basic things to consider when planning any off campus event:

1.) Have you visited the possible event site? Visit the site ahead of time to see if it will meet your needs.

2 .) Can the site meet your needs? Is there enough and appropriate space for your planned activities (meals, kitchen, heat, proper electrical for dj, etc.)? Is it accessible (will it accommodate someone in wheelchair, blind, etc.)?

3 .) Request a contract for the space. Make sure it lists such things as rental fee, and additional fees you may incur (meals, linens, bartender, cleaning) to avoid surprises later. Is a deposit required? Does the fee include staffing or is that extra?

4 .) Is there insurance for the space?

5 .) Make sure you ask about these other things that may not be in the contract:

  • What needs to be done when leaving (for clean-up)?
  • If damages occur, how is it charged?
  • Is there a phone on site in the case of emergency? What is the number? Provide this to those who may need to contact you during the event.

6 .) Remember always that you are renting with the St. Norbert College name. Proper preparation and responsible events ensure that other members of the college can use the space in the future.

Register Off Campus Events
The following regulations pertain to participation by all student organizations in events, activities, and programs away from the College campus:
  • All off campus events must be registered with the Leadership, Student Engagement & First Year Experience Office. This can be done quickly and easily online on this site. The purposes of registration are
    • It allows feedback from administration to assure you aren't putting your organization, or individual members, at unnecessary risk.
    • It informs the college of your intentions, so that in the event something unfortunate does happen, you will be more likely to have immediate support from the college.
  • The registration form is simple and ensures that all appropriate steps have been considered. It is advisable to complete this form at least 3 days prior to your event, much earlier if it is a large social event. If there are no concerns, you will receive a short approval response from LSE within 2 business days. Save this as the receipt of your registration.

    Whether it is an overnight retreat, a dinner dance, a service project, or a club-sponsored business tour, it must be registered.

  • Buses should be used for large group transportation, rather than individual cars. It is also strongly urged to use a rental car vs a personal car to transport organizational members. See transportation below.

  • Any time an event is scheduled with an off campus establishment (i.e., dinner dance, fund raising dinner, awards program, etc.), it is highly recommended that a contract be used. If the establishment does not have a contract, blank contract forms are available from this site. A copy of the completed contract with the off-campus establishment, if applicable, must be filed with LSE 72 hours prior to the event.

  • Financial obligations of the organization must be met in accordance with the contract immediately following the event.

  • Behavior of the organization, individuals, and guests, is governed by the policies in The Citizen. Inappropriate behavior, even though occurring off campus, falls within jurisdiction of the College and results in disciplinary action.

Alcohol at off-campus events
If alcohol will be served at your off campus event, additional risk management precautions must be taken. In order to receive the protection of the college, you must have an alcohol permit in hand the night of your event. You can apply for this permit either on-line or by submitted form. Both versions are available in the forms section of this site.

The following regulations pertain to participation by all student organizations in off campus events, activities, and programs that include alcohol:

  • The organization must abide by current state statutes regarding alcohol.
  • The organization and its officers are directly responsible for the behavior and general welfare of all individuals attending. Advisors must be aware of the event in advance and should attend the event, if possible.
  • Legal precedence has determined that where negligence involving alcohol abuse has occurred and has been proven, both the organization officers and advisor have liability problems. Therefore, both parties must be extra careful to ensure social events are properly planned and orchestrated. Several points to remember are as follows:
    • If the organization arranges for alcohol, it should take adequate steps to prevent underage students or guests from drinking.
    • Even if the organization does not arrange for alcohol to be served, the organization is still responsible for preventing under aged drinking.
    • The organization must stop the consumption of alcohol by an intoxicated person
Cars and vans can be reserved with our SNC corporate discount through Enterprise. Contact them at 490.8333. You can download St. Norbert College's car rental policy here.

Buses are highly recommended for group social events off campus that will be serving alcohol. The company that most often works with St. Norbert College is Kobussen Bus Company (447-0116). Arrangements for bussing should be made as far in advance as possible.

Things to know regarding retreats
Having a retreat usually means you're going to be spending a considerable amount of time at the site you chose. Retreat also usually suggests an atmosphere conducive to rejuvenation. Sites will look nice in brochures, on web sites and sound great over the phone, but if you can, by all means visit the site ahead of time to see if it will meet your needs.

While your needs may be very similar to those mentioned for general off-campus events, you will have additional things to consider:

  • Accommodations (lodging, meals, kitchen, heat, etc.)
  • Adequate space just for hanging out, a fire pit for nuance, and enough space for the activities you have planned.
Retreat sites
The Leadership, Student Engagement & First Year Experience Office  has a binder that it updates every year with retreat site and contact information. Feel free to visit the office and take a look at it. Following is a sampling of the most used sites by St. Norbert constituents. If you know of a great site, send us an email we'll include it here:
  • Camp Gray, Wisconsin Dells, 1-800-711-GRAY
  • Camp Tekawitha, Shawano, 920-437-7531
  • Bridge Between Retreat Center, Denmark, 864-7230 (30 minutes)
  • Camp Anokijig, 920-893-0782
  • Camp Bird, Marinette, 715-732-7530 (1 hour, 20 minutes)
  • Camp Ishnala, Door County, 414-469-4860 (1 hour)
  • Camp TaPaWingo, Mishicot, (414)755-2785 (45 minutes)
  • Green Lake Conference Center, Green Lake, 414-294-3323
  • Holy Name Retreat, Door County, 414-437-7531
  • Lake Lundgren Bible Camp, Pembine, 800-929-4295
  • Pilgrim Center, Ripon, 920-748-6752
  • Whispering Pines Retreat, Shawano, 715-526-5593

Event & Fund-Raiser Planning

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