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Publicity, Marketing & Media

If you want to have a successful event or fund raiser, successful campus promotion is definitely a huge ingredient. Following are the SNC services, guidelines and policies you need to be aware of when planning your publicity.

FREE Graphic Design and Services
LSE employs a student Graphic Designer with the assistants through student activity fees and is available for student organizations to publicize projects/events. The designer helps organizations with creative ideas, drawings, posters, flyers, t-shirt designs, and more. Although most work can be done within a few days, try to allow at least two weeks for your work to be completed. Call x4023 and ask to speak with the Graphic Designer to get your project started.

The Office of Communications provides design recommendations to assure appropriate college standards. It's particularly important to contact them if you are promoting an event or sending any materials (invitations, promotional letters, etc.) off campus. Contact them at x3153.

In both of these areas, your organization or department is responsible for the printing and mailing costs.

Design assistance is also available from Media Services' Digital Arts area. The Digital Arts Center provides one on one assistance if you desire to do your own graphic or web design but need assistance to get started. Their services range from help with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to web site development and even desktop movie editing. For assistance call Lacey Scheunemann at x4298.

SNC Off-Campus Publications
For publications/invitations that are going off-campus, contact the Office of Communications by submitting a project request at In the upper right-hand corner of the page, click on the link to submit a project request. Be prepared to discuss the scope and needs of your project, and be sure to allow a minimum of four weeks for any print pieces, more if it's a complex piece.

SNC News Online
E-mail your information (details of event: who, what, where, why, when (date and day), time, contact phone numbers, costs, etc.) to the Office of Communications, at Be sure to include the date you want it published in the electronic newsletter, SNC NEWS, which comes out 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Deadlines are at 3:00 pm on Monday for Wednesday's edition, Wednesday for Friday's edition and Thursday for Monday's edition.

WSNC-TV Cable Channel Advertising
To put announcements or information on SNC cable channel 41, just e-mail or call Lacey Scheunemann, Media Services, x4298, with your information.

Digital Print Center
The Digital Print Center is located in the Lower Level of the Michels Commons. Open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., it is a full-service copy shop. Base price is 3 cents per click. Additional costs are based on a wide variety of paper choices. Cost of color copies are based on the amount of coverage. Additional services include cutting, binding, folding, and stapling.

If you have a large project, call the Digital Print Center at x3217 as they can help you set it up correctly and offer money-saving ideas. Files with graphics or photos are best brought in electronically (i.e., disk, CD, or j-drive). They also print from original photos.

When preparing a project for the Digital Print Center, please abide by the following basic guidelines:

  • For a clean and crisp copy, masters need to be straight on white paper.
  • Do not use stapled or 3-hole punched masters because they jam the copy machines.
  • Set up all masters the way you would like them copied, one-up, two-up, three-up, etc.
  • A 1/2 inch border is necessary for copy to fit cleanly on a page.
  • Proof all masters before you bring them to the Digital Print Center. They do not proof or edit materials there.
  • Number the pages on either the front or the back.
  • For jobs larger than 500 copies, allow at least two days to make sure the Digital Print Center has the inventory (i.e., color, size and weight of paper) to complete the job.
  • Fill out the Digital Print Center Requisition form (2-part form available from the Digital Print Center) completely. This includes phone number, contact name, date in, and requested finish date. Charge back numbers and Department names are also necessary for correct billing.

The Forms section has a helpful download called "Tips for Digital Print Center Design."

SNC Logo
Electronic versions of the College logo and the Green Knight (this may only be used to promote athletics and and in conjunction with the College logo) are available on the j:drive in the snclogos folder. Camera ready versions of the logo for printed materials are available from the Office of Communications. Any publication that goes to an outside audience must have the SNC logo on it. Questions regarding use of the logos should be directed to the Office of Communications, at x3153.

The Forms section has a helpful download called Logo Usage Guidelines which includes the different SNC logos, dos and don'ts and where you can find the snc logo.

Campus Posting Policy
The college enforces an advertising and posting policy. When developing and distributing your advertising, keep in mind the limitations within this policy; failure to do so could result in destroyed advertising. Inappropriate ads are removed without notice, and highly inappropriate advertising could bring negative attention and consequences to your organization. The posting policy includes flyers, banners, table tents, sidewalk chalking and outdoor displays.  Following are the guidelines enforced on the St. Norbert College campus:
1.  Publicity may not, by word or design, overtly or implicitly:
  • promote violence, or the use of weapons, alcohol or drugs (educational materials about alcohol and drugs may be approved for posting);
  • contain abusive language that targets individuals or groups;
  • include personalized attacks on individuals;
  • appear threatening;
  • contain information reasonably perceived as offensive or insensitive to members of any religion, race, gender or ethnic group;
  • contain information reasonably perceived as promoting stereotypes, e.g. of persons with disabilities, visible minorities, lesbians, gays, bisexual or transgender persons.
 2.   Information must contain the name and contact information (phone number, email address and/or postal address) of the sponsoring group or individual.
3.  The event, time, place, and cost/price/donation (when applicable), must be stated.
4.   Activities which are open to non-members of an organization may be publicized through general advertising media.  Notification of a meeting or event that is only open to organization members is not permitted in public spaces.
5.  The College reserves the right to remove without notice any form of publicity or information-sharing in violation of this policy or the above-stated guidelines.
6.  Approval of any form of communication does  not imply endorsement, but indicates compliance with this policy and guidelines.
7.  Concerns about this policy or the content of specific information being publicly shared on campus is to be directed to the Associate Dean for Student Development.   
ALL items for posting must be stamped for approval in the Campus Center. Please bring items to the Information Desk and they'll be stamped within 24 hours.
Posters not meeting these requirements are removed without notice.

To Notify Media (Newspapers, TV, Radio)
Contact Mike Counter in the Office of Communications at x3089, or e-mail him at with details of event: who, what, where, why, when (date and day), time, contact phone numbers, costs, etc. If it is a fundraising event, it could be submitted to TV calendars as a public service announcement. Information must be in Mike's hands 5 weeks prior to the event for a public service announcement. For area newspapers, get information to him 4 weeks in advance of your deadline if tickets are being sold or of the event. Mike also arranges possible appearances on early morning tv shows.

Media Services has a large format printer that can print archival posters and banners. Bring your file there (Illustrator or Photoshop preferred) on disk or through the J-drive and they will print it for you for a nominal fee (the cost of the printing). To inquire about this service, call x4298.

The Student Organization Resource Room in the Campus Center has banner paper and paints for student organization use. See the Campus Center site for more information.

Banners may only be displayed in designated areas of the Union or Campus Center with prior authorization from the building’s director.

Outside Displays

1. Student organizations or College departments/offices must have an 81/2 x 11 renditions
of their proposed display approved by the Director of LSE.  The rendition of the display
must be in full color and a complete written description must be attached.

2. A meeting with the Director of LSE needs to be scheduled at least one week prior to setting up the display.   

3. The display must clearly indicate the sponsoring organization/department’s name and
must include the dates the outdoor display will be viewed.   

4. The organization/department will work with the Facilities Department to determine the
appropriate outdoor space for the display.   

5. Displays:
     • May not interfere with the freedom of safe pedestrian or vehicle traffic in the area
       of the display.
     • Must not disrupt the academic activities or other normal operations of the
     • Must be removed by the sponsoring organization immediately following the end of the approved date.

Direct Mailing
There are issues to be aware of when designing direct mail pieces. The main thing to remember about mailing is that almost any piece is mailable. The differences will be in the service levels and resulting bottom level costs. Many levels deal with differences in cost, mail processing time requirements, discounts available, further requirements for those discounts, and even how the piece will look when it arrives at the address due to the processes it must go through in order to get to its destination.

The SNC Mail Center can match your needs to the mailing level that will meet your expectations of service while saving your department or organization money. Call the Mail Center at x3274 in the early stages of your design for assistance in achieving the most cost effective layout available to meet your needs.

There is also a very detailed downloadable handout called " Tips on Designing Mail Pieces for Automation Pricing" available from the Forms and Helpful Checklists section of this site.


Event & Fund-Raiser Planning

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