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Solicitation Restrictions & Guidelines

Non-college solicitation is strictly prohibited, unless it is approved and/or co-sponsored through a campus department. Following are specific requirements for anyone selling in particular areas on campus.

Residence Halls
Concern for the privacy of students, general building security and the protection of property has led to stringent regulations about selling and soliciting in the residential areas. Solicitors operating in the residential areas without permission are considered trespassers and are subject to disciplinary action.

All College individuals representing recognized student organizations, clubs or causes wishing to conduct sales or solicitation in residence halls, apartment buildings, townhouses or the Carriage House or College houses must be approved at least 24 hours in advance by the appropriate Hall Director or Intern. The Hall Solicitation Form is available in the Forms section of this site.

These permits are necessary for any and all sales, including food, merchandise, or solicited funds. Sales can only be held in residence hall lobbies or upper class areas. Door to door sales are not permitted.

Athletic Events
You must get permission from the Athletic Department before selling at one of their events. Call x3031.

Old St. Joseph's Church
To sell within the church, you need to first get permission. Call x3012.

No Non-College Solicitation Permitted
on Campus!

Event & Fund-Raiser Planning

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