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Winter (J-Term) 2009 New & Special Topics Courses
ACCT 289-A Special Topics: Fraud Examination
This course is designed to provide students with an awareness of the extent and significance of fraudulent activity and an understanding of the methods and techniques of prevention and detection.

BIOL 489-A Special Topics: Neuroscience
Interdisciplinary course, attracting students interested in biology and psychology. The organization, methodology, and objective of the course will be determined by the instructor and may include a laboratory experience. Open to Jr/Sr Majors in Biology or Psychology.

BUAD 289-A Special Topics: Networking, Marketing, and New Media
This course deals, in theory and practice, with the development and technological implementation of campaigns to spread messages by using networks (viral marketing or network marketing). The course focuses on the marketing of ideas to gain ┐thought leadership┐ at a rapid pace by using new electronic media. It covers the foundations of this form of marketing in microeconomics and psychology, the basic mathematical principles on which it relies, the techniques of management, marketing and communication it uses and the tools of information technology that facilitate its success. All students of at least junior standing may participate. Course fulfills BUAD Marketing Concentration Elective.

BUAD 289-B Special Topics: Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation
This course focuses on one primary aspect of entrepreneurship: taking a new business from its initial concept to crafting a master plan for implementing the steps to launch the enterprise. Students will evaluate their own potential as entrepreneurs and develop a comprehensive planning document that could serve as the platform for creating a new business venture. Course fulfills BUAD Marketing or Management Concnetration Elective.

GENS 489-A Special Topics: Slavery and Resistance: Antebellum America & the Abolitionist Movement
This course will examine anti-slavery publications and place them in their historical context tracing the legal shifts that changed the goals of the abolition movement. Students will also read excerpts from the "Anti-Uncle Tom literature" that sprang up to defend the institution of slavery.

HUMA 389-A Special Topics: Women in Islam
This course will examine translated Islamic texts on gender and historical evidence of Muslim women's religious and social activities since the sixth century.

LEAD 389-A Special Topics: Peer Leadership in Student Affairs
This course aims to provide students with an opportunity to explore contemporary student development theory, to understand the needs and leadership gifts of a variety of special populations, to learn about and practice a variety of helping skills in order to create change, and to apply this knowledge on our residential campus in a way that leads to a changed campus culture and improved student life.

PHIL 389-A Special Topics: Homer and Plato on Education
The course examines the educational use of Homer in ancient Greece, and Plato's criticism of it. I intend to explore the intent of Plato's criticism of Homer in the Republic and the Ion. The format of the course would be in two parts. First, we would read selections from the Iliad and the Odyssey (using Stanley Lombardo's translations of these works) in order to familiarize the students to Homer and some of the content of these epics. We would then turn to Plato, starting with the Ion and then using selections from the Republic where Plato attacks Homer and the use of poetry for the foundation of education. We would also explore Plato's replacement education found in the Republic. I also intend to use a few essays from Hans-Georg Gadamer on Plato and the Poets and Plato's Education State in order to grapple with this project.

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