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Student Privacy Rights and Graduation Rate Disclosure

Student Privacy Rights
Annual Notification of Student Privacy Rights (FERPA) Link to the Citizen - Student Records
Annual Notification of Directory Information (FERPA)
Student records and information privacy policy is available for review in the Citizen. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) students have certain rights with respect to their records. The SNC Annual Notiifcation of these FERPA rights in available above. FERPA requires SNC to designate "Directory Information" that may be released for any purpose at the discretion of SNC. All other information is considered non-directory information and can not be released to non-college personnel without your written permission. A full list of "Directory Information" is available above and contains such items as student name, dates of attendance, class, and address. Examples of non-directory items which can not be released to a third-party without your written permission include course schedule, grades, GPA, transcripts, etc.

Privacy Disclosure Forms
Request to Limit Disclosure (FERPA) Third Party Release Form (FERPA)

The preceding forms allow students to to print out forms to block the release of your directory information or to grant specific third-party access to designated aspects of your student information. Parents of students below the age of 18 maintain rights to review their child's student information. SNC allows parents of dependent students as designated on IRS tax forms the right to review a student's information unless blocked by the student. SNC uses the information considered to be "directory information" to publish campus directories. Students can review their address and other directory information and their privacy statuses in KnightLine in the Student Records / Student Directory and Privacy Profile.

Graduation Rates & Student Right to Know Act
Graduation Rates

Under the Student Right to Know Act the College is required to make available to present and future students the college's graduation rates. To access these rates please use the link above.

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