We may study religion to enrich ourselves but our study also helps us think critically about current events and the complexities of global diversity and the human situation.

Religious Studies Mission

The goal of our religious studies discipline is to provide students with the opportunity and skills to explore the role and the significance of religion in human life and culture, to reflect critically on the nature and meaning of religious belief, to grapple with the ultimate questions and issues religion addresses, and to consider thoughtfully those biblical, historical, theological and ethical sources that contribute to the Christian heritage.

The goals of our program:

•    Cultivate a critical awareness of and appreciation for the Catholic Christian tradition, its breadth and trajectory.
•    Examine and promote an understanding of the nature, scope and significance of religion as it is embedded in diverse cultures and contexts.
•    Investigate how the Christian tradition informs and is informed by its historical situation.
•    Introduce students to the biblical sources of Jewish and Christian heritages.
•    Enhance proficiency in the use of analytical tools and scholarly methods germane to the academic study of religion, thus increasing the capacity of students to interpret critically and appraise biblical, historical, theological, ethical and comparative materials.
•    Foster thoughtful evaluations of and informed responses to ideas and practices relevant to the ethical, spiritual and ecclesiological dimensions of the Catholic heritage.
•    Empower a greater integration of faith and work in the lives of students, especially as concerning the aspect of vocation.