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Community Service Registration

This registration process is designed to help you prepare for your community service event or service-learning course component and reduce the liability risks inherent at a service site. Registration indicates the college is aware you have taken proper precautions and planned accordingly based on information provided on this form.

The form will be submitted to the office of risk management who will develop and email a waiver to you that all participants need  to complete prior to your service. A staff member will contact you directly if additional information is needed regarding your service plans.

This form will also be submitted to the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning. The Sturzl Center staff can provide additional resources for preparation and reflection if desired. You may receive an email back from your Sturzl Center liaison sharing additional resources that might be helpful in your service experience. 

Registration Form
*First name:
*Last name:
*Email address:
Status at St. Norbert College (choose one):
If faculty, please answer the following questions:
Course name
Course number
Is the service a required or optional component of the course? Yes No
If staff, please answer the following questions:
Name of service program:
  *Student – Service as part of an academic course
If a student participating in service as part of an academic course, please answer the following questions:
Course name:
Course number:
Course instructor:
*Student – Service project for a student organization or student group
If a student participating in service for a student organization or group, please answer the following questions:
Organization name:
Advisor email:
Service Information
One time service event/program       On-going service
Date you will be serving:
Provide a brief description of the service activity:
Share any risks you are aware of:
Is this a new event? Yes   No
Is this service trip domestic or international? Yes   No
If off-campus, please answer the following questions:
Community partner organization name:
Community partner address (location where you will provide the service):
Community partner phone number:
Community partner email:
Estimated number of volunteers:
Means of Transportation:
  Personal Responsibility – arranging my own transportation
  College provided through local bus company

Name of Bus Company 

  College provided using college owned/rented vehicle
Other comments or information:

If you have any further questions, please contact Patricia Dart.