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Thank you to all who took the Current Student Survey!

From the results of the survey, SGA has discovered that: 

75% of those who took the survey are willing to pay at least $2 to support projects such as greenhouses, year-round bike
shelters, and/or energy efficient living options. 56% said that they would be willing to pay at least $5.

Only 14% of students who took the survey said that they use a bike on campus.

64% of survey takers said they would be interested in a year round bike shelter.

59% of survey takers said that they would consider bringing a bike to campus if the college had a year-round bike shelter.



Abbot Pennings

The Student Government Association shall be guided by the Norbertine, Catholic, and Liberal Arts traditions in the spirit of Comunio within the college community. The Student Government Association shall uphold the Mission Statement of St. Norbert College and its Core Values while striving to teach by word and example to all.

The vision of the Student Government Association shall be to serve as the relevant, representative voice of the student body before the wider community within and outside of St. Norbert College. In doing so, Student Government Association will shall strive to accomplish the following:

  • To seek out student input and views on all matters concerning students.
  • To be a forum of discussion on student issues and concerns.
  • To serve as a role model for campus organizations in regards to leadership, professionalism, conduct, and inclusiveness.
  • To aspire to the goals of student engagement by taking an active stance in student life.


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