SNC Day is our campus-wide Saturday open house. Every year, it draws thousands of people from the surrounding community for music, food and fun. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase all that St. Norbert College has to offer!

Educational Activities

Man in Profile: Joseph Mitchell of the New Yorker
SNC President Tom Kunkel
Joseph Mitchell was a renowned writer/reporter who from the 1930’s to the 1960’s was the “voice” of New York City. His intimate sketches of the people who made the city tick – from Mohawk steelworkers to Staten Island oystermen – were cherished by readers of The New Yorker. Fifty years after his last story appeared, and almost two decades after his death, Joseph Mitchell still has legions of fans, and his story – especially the mystery of his “disappearance” – continues to fascinate. Tom Kunkel’s recent biography of Mitchel has garnered national and international praise. Join him for an in­depth discussion of Mitchell and the process of writing this much­anticipated book.

Facilitating Understanding of Other Perspectives Through Literature
Susan Landt, Ph.D.
We live our lives observing the world through our own narrow perspectives. Literature has the potential of extending that view, providing us with a more complex understanding. Stories we encounter, whether as children listening to a tale or as adults perusing a chosen book, contain other perceptions of the world and the possibility of facilitating a more empathetic awareness of life’s complexity. Through excerpts and examples, this presentation will demonstrate ways literature develops a reader’s viewpoint and expands understanding.

Marriage as a Workshop for Everyday Saints: Real Wisdom From Real Married Couples 
Bridget Burke Ravizza, Ph.D., and Julie Massey, M.Div.
How can marriage be a workshop for holiness? Come find out. “Marriage is not for punks,” and, “For God’s sake, have a sense of humor,” are just two nuggets of wisdom from the more than 125 married couples who were part of this study in Catholic parishes, resulting in the recently released book “Project Holiness: Marriage as a Workshop for Everyday Saints.” This session highlights what the lived experience of these couples can teach us about the virtues, values and practices that lead to flourishing marriages and to the holiness of married partners.

How I Spent My Summer Vocation: Leadership and Calling
Corday Goddard, Ph.D.
What if the study of leadership wasn’t just about acquiring a set of skills? What if leadership – at least leadership studied at a Norbertine institution – also called on us to use those leadership skills to marry our deep gladness with the world’s deep hunger? In this session we will explore leadership models that call on us to change the world, and consider how each of us might uniquely help make that happen.

Just War Theory and Fighting Terrorism
David Duquette, Ph.D.
This presentation will focus on three central aspects of just war theory: the distinction between jus ad bellum (having just cause to go to war) and jus in bello (waging war justly); the rights or prerogatives of the military and individual soldiers in fighting justly; and the principle of non­combatant immunity. Topical issues such as the use of torture, indefinite detention, targeted killings (e.g., with the use of drones), and civilian casualties will be considered in the context of just war theory.

Are We Specially Obligated to Obey the Law?
Joel Mann, Ph.D.
Are you obligated to come to a full stop at a stoplight? On the face of it, the obvious answer is “yes.” You have the safety of others, both inside the car and out, to consider, and this consideration – regardless of what else is going on – reveals an obligation. But what if the stoplight is in the middle of nowhere, late at night, with no one around? Let us suppose we can insulate the case from any untoward consequences. Do you have an obligation to stop just because it’s the law and for no other reason?

Art Smart
The Rev. James Neilson, O.Praem.
A survey of images gleaned from SNC introductory art history classes that never fail to engage and inspire our students. We’ll start with Bird Headed Man with Bull, note the artistic similarities between Michelangelo and Joe Montana (yes, Joe Cool himself), and finish with a look at the sublime work of performance artist Marina Abramovic. This will be a lot of fun!

Communicating Across Cultures
Jim Neuliep, Ph.D.
Did you know that making direct eye contact with someone can be thought of as starting a fight? That using your left hand to pass someone something can be extremely insulting? How do you feel when someone stands too close to you? These are just a few examples of what you might face when communicating with people from different cultures. This presentation will focus on some of the fundamental assumptions of intercultural communication and how we can go about becoming competent communicators in an increasingly diverse world.

Study Abroad at SNC
Alaina Morales, Ed.M., and Student Panel
This session will focus on the study abroad experience offered by St. Norbert College. Past study abroad students will share their experience and give you an idea of how their time abroad has shaped them personally, academically and professionally.

Come and Learn About the Gap Experience
Laura Fredrickson, Ph.D.
Interested in an alternative start to your college career? Come and learn more about this innovative program for incoming first-year students that combines adventure travel, study abroad, service-learning and college credit.