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Student Employment Opportunities

To obtain a better understanding of the SNC student employment program and application process, please take a few minutes and read through the student employment process web page.

Student Philanthropy Internship — Advancement

Develop and serve as the student philanthropy representative on Student Alumni Ambassadors as well as other related committees. In addition serve as the liaison between the Advancement Office, Office of Parent & Alumni Relations and student organizations.

Assist in the development and implementation of a 4 year student philanthropy program aimed at each class
Create communication pieces intended to educate and inform students about events on campus that can enhance their relationship with the college.
Assist in the development, execution and evaluation of philanthropic programs/events for each class year.

Demonstrate leadership by mentoring classmates and encouraging them to participate in student philanthropy programs.

Work with students and staff in other offices to create and implement events integrated with other departments on campus (i.e. Battle of the Berts, Senior Wine Tasting, Cap & Gown, Senior Knight Out, Junior Knights& Days, Philanthropy Day, There Party, etc.).

Communicate with financial supporters of the college and make appreciation calls to past donors.

Undertake research and analysis tasks for the student philanthropy program.
Explore best practices at other schools.
Make contacts and connections with representatives at other schools for idea sharing opportunities.
Build a database of other schools, contacts at those schools, and programs at those schools.

Be in good standing: academic and conduct
Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
Be able to use computer hardware and software
Must have good communication, organization, time management, and problem solving skills.

How To Apply:
To be considered for the position, please submit your resume to