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Student Employment Opportunities

To obtain a better understanding of the SNC student employment program and application process, please take a few minutes and read through the student employment process web page.

Summer Resident Assistant (RA) — Residential Education and Housing

Summer Resident Assistant Position Description

The Summer Resident Assistants (RAs) act as role models and are responsible for working with all individuals living in the assigned summer housing areas on campus. The Summer RAs serve as a representative of the Office of Residential Education and Housing as well as St. Norbert College. Establishing a safe and respectful environment for the residents living in the designated areas is one facet of the Summer RA leadership role; however, there is a specific focus on administrative duties throughout the summer position. Specifically, Summer RAs establish relationships amongst their communities, facilitate administrative items in the halls, and interpret and enforce college policies and regulations. The Summer RA provides information about campus resources and assists with programming efforts in the residence halls. Additional responsibilities include working with the Residential Education and Housing Blue Crew, Summer Orientation, ESL/International Departments, as well as other duties as assigned.


Effective Community Development
• Develop an open and honest personal relationship with each resident in his/her community
• Work cooperatively with residents to ensure an environment that displays respect for the rights and privacy of others and promotes consideration of individual needs in a group living environment.
• Plan and implement community development activity to foster community
• Encourage residents to become active in community activities
• Inform the Summer Hall Director of actual and potential problems which interfere with the living-learning atmosphere
• Be available and objective in discussing concerns, interest, and needs with residents
• Serve as a mediator in assisting students in resolving roommate conflicts
• Acquaint residents with student services
• Serve as a liaison between residents and REH central staff, including relaying information regarding policies, administrative matters, and hall activities
• Work with other staff members to promote a responsible living-learning atmosphere within the residence hall by enforcing the Code of Student Conduct in an objective and unbiased manner

Policy Enforcement

• Abide by hall and College policies as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct, the Student Handbook: A Guide to the St. Norbert College Community, as well as state and federal laws
• Know and understand the rationale for hall policies, College policies as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct, state and federal laws to be able to communicate this information to residents and establish behavioral expectations accordingly
• Support various student conduct decisions made by the Office of Residential Education and Housing and the Office of Prevention Education and Student Judicial Affairs

Administrative Responsibilities

• Assist with the opening and closing of the summer hall
• Submit reports and paperwork as required by the supervising Hall Director by the assigned deadline
• Check and respond when appropriate to voicemail and email daily
• Preserve the confidentiality of personal information about students obtained in the course of employment and responsible treatment of all information to which access is given.
• Participate in on-call hall duty as determined by the supervising Hall Director
• Report problems or damage to facilities and cooperate with maintenance staff in achieving a quality physical environment within the community
• Know and utilize emergency procedures as appropriate. This requires familiarity with and active communication of emergency procedures, as well as an ability to refer individuals to Health and Wellness Services, Counseling Services, and Campus Safety.

Role Modeling and Attitude

• Convey a positive attitude toward the Summer RA position and its duties and responsibilities.
• Comply with the College’s sexual harassment and non-discrimination policies involving both fellow staff members and residents.
• Act as a positive role model both for fellow staff members and residents by not participating in questionable or unethical behavior.
• Treat fellow employees and students with courtesy and respect.

Staff Responsibilities

As a member of the Residential Education and Housing Staff, a Summer Resident Assistant is part of the Division of Mission and Student Affairs. Each formally reports to the Summer Hall Director. In addition to this formal channel, a positive informal relationship is essential to maintain an effective staff team. Thus, communication both with supervisors and co-workers is a basic expectation and responsibility for the Resident Assistant. Components of this include:
• Participation in two Summer staff training sessions this semester
• Attend and actively participate in weekly staff meetings and one-on-one meetings as required by the Hall Director.
• Develop positive and productive working relationships with all Residential Education and Housing staff, and promote a consistent, high level of performance and support from and with all staff members.
• Maintain student and information confidences.
• Work up to 10 hours per week assisting the Residential Education and Housing Blue Crew.

Qualifications, Expectations, and Availability

Preference is given to those applicants who will be enrolled at St. Norbert College full time for the 2018-2019 academic year. Demonstrates ability to work effectively with individuals and groups of students of diverse backgrounds. The position begins Sunday, May 13, 2018 and continues through Wednesday, August 22, 2018. The Summer RA must be available for the duration of the position.


The financial remuneration will be a stipend of $400 per pay period, this will be for up to 20 hours per week (RA duties) and up to 10 hours per week (REH-Blue Crew duties) for a total of up to 30 hours per week. The Summer RAs will also receive a room waiver (summer hall housing) and a meal plan of 5 meals per week.

How To Apply:
Submit an application, resume and cover letter to Lauri Govin at or in person to the Residential Education and Housing office located in Todd Wehr Hall, Room 111 by March 21, 2018.

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