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Society of Human Resource Management


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The SHRM chapter at St. Norbert College is devoted to all
students interested in Human Resources andbusiness. We're
individuals who are passionate about Human Resources and
everything the field has tooffer.

It is not necessary to be a Human Resource Management
concentration in order to be a member. Allare welcome especially
our fellow Business majors. Come to a meeting and see if it's
something you'dbe interested in!

If you are interested in the benefits of joining SHRM, read below:

*Build and sustain partnerships with human resource
professionals, media, governments, non-governmental
organizations, businesses and academic institutions to address
people managementchallenges that influence the effectiveness
and sustainability of their organizations and communities.
*Provide a community for human resource professionals, media,
governments, non-governmentalorganizations, businesses and
academic institutions to share expertise and create innovative
solutionson people management issues.
*Proactively provide thought leadership, education and research
to human resource professionals,media, governments, non-
governmental organizations, businesses and academic institutions.
*Serve as an advocate to ensure that policy makers, law makers
and regulators are aware of key peopleconcerns facing
organizations and the human resource profession.