St. Norbert College offers students a wide variety of organizations to be a part of during their four years on campus.

Student Organization Recognition Process

The college supports the right of individuals to organize and participate in student organizations whose purpose is in line with the mission of St. Norbert College.

Organizations seeking recognition must have:
  • At least five active St. Norbert College student members
  • A full time St. Norbert College faculty/staff adviser(s)
  • An executive report
  • A membership list
  • A purpose statement, including mission and goals
  • A constitution
  • Any organization with a national affiliation must submit a letter from its national organization stating that the organization has permission to use the national name and attach national constitution if available. All Greek letter organizations seeking recognition must be first introduced to Student Government Association’s Student Organization Affairs Committee by the Panhellenic or Interfraternity Council.

Organizations with recognition enjoy the following benefits:

  • Use of St. Norbert College name
  • Use of the St. Norbert College logo in accordance with the college’s graphic identity guidelines. To request graphics, submit the graphic identity request form.
  • Access to student organization resource room mailbox
  • Participation in Involvement Fair in fall and spring
  • Ability to request student activity fee funding in the form of annual allocations and/or program grants
  • Access to LSE graphic artist
  • Inclusion on the student organization website in the appropriate location
  • Financial resources such as purchase orders, tax exemption, bank accounts and consulting assistance
  • Registration of off-campus events, resulting in support of disputes with off-campus vendors
  • Liability coverage by St. Norbert College insurance policies

The process of obtaining recognition is as follows:

  1. Review the information here and complete the forms indicated at the end of this site. Paperwork is turned into LSE and reviewed. A meeting is scheduled with the director of LSE for further information and clarification of the recognition process.
  2. Once the aforementioned meeting takes place, LSE works with the contact person for the organization to assure that all the appropriate paperwork is completed. Social groups (Greek letter and independent organizations) must be introduced by the Panhellenic, Interfraternity or Independent Council. The introduction should include the benefits and challenges that the proposed Greek letter organization offers to the SNC and Greek communities.
  3. Once all the paperwork is in order, the director of LSE forwards everything to the student affairs committee for review.
  4. The chair of the student affairs committee facilitates discussion with the committee regarding the purpose statement and constitution in order to provide a recommendation to the vice president of student affairs to accept or reject the request for recognition. The chair of the committee forwards the constitution, advisor name, roster and executive report to the vice president of student affairs, along with the committee’s recommendation.
  5. The vice president for mission and student affairs sends a letter to inform the organization of the college’s decision to accept or reject the request.

If the organization is approved for recognition, an official letter of recognition is given to the organization president and is filed with Leadership Development, Student Engagement and First Year Experience. In addition, once recognized, the organization’s contact information will be placed on the student organization website

Recognition Timeline
To be recognized by the first day of classes in spring semester:

  • All items listed in section A must be submitted to LSE by October 15
  • Student Affairs Committee will discuss during their first meeting in November (by Nov. 15)          
  • Vice president of Mission and Student Affairs will notify you by the end of the Fall semester of your recognition status 

To be recognized by the first day of classes in fall semester: 

  • All items listed in section A must be submitted to LSE by March 1. 
  • Student Affairs Committee will discuss during their first meeting in April (by April 15)  
  • Vice president of mission and student affairs will notify you by the end of the spring semester of your recognition status 

Organizations are only required to go through the recognition process once, but are required to renew their recognition each fall. All organizations are also required to submit a Green Knight Annual Report in March. Additional requirements include:

  • Executive board members (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer – or like positions) must maintain a 2.25 GPA requirement. Executive officer GPA checks will take place every fall following the completion of the executive report. Executive board members who do not meet the 2.25 requirement will receive a letter from LSE asking them to step down from their position. A copy will be sent to the organization president and adviser.
  • Social/service organizations are required to participate in two service project requirements and two educational programs per semester.

The organization recognition process is approved by the Student Affairs Committee. Leadership Development, Student Engagement and First Year Experience is responsible for maintaining the recognition structure for the college. For clarification on any of the points listed herein, contact LSE.

Paperwork Required to Start a New Student OrganizationDownload the forms addressed here and the handouts designed to help you complete your submissions, complete the paperwork and submit them as a whole to LSE, Campus Center, Suite 330.