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Study Abroad Returnees

Re-Entry Materials

All study abroad students are required to submit a Program Evaluation and Re-Entry Survey following their experience abroad. These forms facilitate reflection, serve as advice for future study abroad students, and allow the Study Abroad Office to improve student support services.

Transfer Credit

All transcripts from overseas should be sent to the Study Abroad Office. You are encouraged to be patient, as it may take some time before the Study Abroad Office receives a foreign transcript. Once a your Program Evaluation, Reentry Survey, and transcript are received, the Registrar will post your transfer credit to KnightLine. Please remember, you must earn a grade of "C" or higher to receive transfer credit. Since the grades that you earned abroad will simply appear as "transfer credit," your GPA will not be affected.

Re-Entry Event

Of course, your return to the United States and St. Norbert College is cause for celebration! The Study Abroad Office organizes a Re-Entry Event for all study abroad returnees. Enjoy a free meal, share your experiences, and get tips on readjustment and how to continue your learning. See the Events page for the date, time, and location.

Share Your Experiences

St. Augustine once said, "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." We encourage you to share your stories and advice from abroad with St. Norbert students who are considering or planning to study abroad.

If you would like your study abroad experience featured on our new Student Testimonials page, please complete the Testimonials Form.

We also encourage you to submit an Insider Tips form for your study abroad program. Once completed, please send your tips to your study abroad advisor. We will share your insider tips with future study abroad students who choose your program.

Reverse Culture Shock

Returning to the United States and St. Norbert College may be an unanticipated difficulty. Dr. Bruce La Brack has identified the following re-entry challenges, along with helpful tips for overcoming these challenges.

Re-Entry Challenges
Helpful Tips

It's natural to miss the excitement and challenges associated with studying abroad.

Acceptance You must accept that things have changed since you left. It's important to remember that your feelings are natural and that re-entry takes time.
No one wants to hear Your friends, family, and members of the St. Norbert College community may not be terribly interested in hearing about your experiences abroad. Moreover, it may be difficult for you to articulate your experience.
Reserve judgments Be aware of how your behavior is likely to be interpreted by others. Continually using references to foreign places or sprinkling foreign language expressions into an English conversation may be viewed as distasteful. Also, be cautious of comparisons between your home and abroad.
Reverse homesickness As you may have missed home after arriving to your study abroad destination, you may experience homesickness for the life that you grew accustomed to abroad. Stay adventurous Rekindle the spirit of adventure that you had abroad and stay spontaneous. Make new friends, explore home, become involved in your community, and try new things.
Relationships have changed It is common for students to become more self-aware, independent, and open-minded while abroad. Some people may find small alterations in your ideas or behavior to be upsetting or wrong. Others may misinterpret your words or actions in such a way that communication is difficult. Share your stories Don't isolate yourself! Talk with others who have come back from abroad and share your experiences, frustrations, and joys. These are the people who can help you.
Feelings of alienation Study abroad returnees may develop a critical eye and see faults in society. When life becomes less enjoyable, it is natural to feel some alienation. Continue your learning Integrate your new knowledge into your academic work at St. Norbert. Also, get involved in internationally-focused student organizations, such as Phi Beta Delta, Zambia Project, and Beyond Borders.
Inability to apply new knowledge You may become frustrated by the lack of opportunity to apply newly gained skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Study abroad returnees also worry that somehow they will "lose" their experience. On-campus resources St. Norbert College offers various student support services to assist with re-entry: the Study Abroad Office, Health & Wellness Services, and Career Services, among others.

Study Abroad ... Again!

Was your experience so unforgettable and life-changing that you want to study abroad again? If you choose to study abroad twice, at least one of your semesters must be spent at an exchange program. Please visit our About page to view the list of exchange programs.

Be sure to collaborate with your academic advisor and your study abroad advisor if you are planning to study abroad for two semesters. While it is possible, it takes flexibility and careful planning.

Options Abroad After Graduation

Are you thinking about volunteering, interning, or working abroad following graduation? Be sure to explore our resources for post-graduate international opportunities.

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