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Tuition-Waiver & Tuition-Exchange Students
Students who receive the tuition-waiver benefit or tuition-exchange grant must participate in an exchange program in order to utilize the waiver of tuition. If you are a tuition-waiver or tuition-exchange student who wishes to participate in a non-exchange program, you must pay the actual cost of the study abroad program.

Tuition-waiver or tuition-exchange students may utilize the waiver of tuition on Global Seminars. Please note, however, that students still must pay the program fee. 

Catholic Link Students
Students who receive the Catholic Link scholarship may apply the scholarship to any approved semester-long study abroad or off-campus program.  

Off-Campus Programs in Washington, D.C.
Students who wish to participate in an off-campus program in Washington, D.C., and a study abroad program must select an exchange program in order to apply their financial aid package to the study abroad program. If you participate in a non-exchange program, you will not be able to apply your SNC institutional scholarships to your second semester of off-campus study. You may, however, apply your outside scholarships, grants, and loans.

Two Semesters of Off-Campus Study
We encourage you to consider spending two semesters off campus--either on the same program or on two different programs. Students who would like to study abroad for two semesters must select an exchange program for at least one of the semesters abroad. If you participate in a non-exchange program, you will not be able to apply your SNC institutional scholarships to your second semester of off-campus study. Students may not spend more than two semesters off-campus. Please contact the Registrar for more information about this policy.

Students From Other Institutions (Non-SNC Students)
Students who are enrolled at WAICU (Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities) institutions may participate in SNC study abroad programs (pending availability). You will be billed by and make payment to your home institution. Please consult your study abroad advisor at your home institution for program cost information.

Program Cancellation & Withdrawal
Students wishing to withdraw their application after the application deadline must notify the Study Abroad by completing the program withdrawal and cancellation form. The date on which Study Abroad receives your form will be the official date of withdrawal. The amount of your refund depends on the date of your withdrawal. Please note that the $400 study abroad administrative fee is non-refundable. Depending upon the program and the date of withdrawal, other fees may also be non-refundable, including (but not limited to) tuition, room, and board.  

Students withdrawing from participation in an outside program (see below) must also notify their program provider in accordance with the provider’s policy. 

Participation in an Unapproved Program
Students who wish to participate in a program that is not approved by SNC must withdraw from the college and assume all program-related costs. Students should be mindful of the implications that withdrawing from the college has on their financial aid package.

Program Dismissal
No refund of program fees and no academic credit will be given to students who are suspended or dismissed from their study abroad program for conduct or academic-violation reasons.

Military Science (ROTC) Students
It is possible for ROTC students to participate in Global Seminars and semester-long program. You must work closely with the Military Science faculty and Study Abroad to ensure that you meet all ROTC requirements in the allotted time frame before you graduate. Please begin your planning as soon as possible.