Study Abroad Scholarships

As you decide on a study abroad program, you should also research scholarship opportunities. The resources below will aid you in your research. You will notice that there are more scholarships for students who select non-traditional study abroad destinations. While scholarships for study in Western Europe are available, they are limited. Scholarship deadlines vary and some are a year or more before departure.


    With the goal of sending all US students abroad, AllAbroad provides a listing of scholarships to search by destination, diversity, and more.
  • Diversity Abroad
    An extensive database of international scholarships, grants and fellowships.
  • Scholarships
    Offers a comprehensive database of scholarship options for a variety of programs, majors, and student interests.

By Destination



Latin America
  • LIVFund - Learn, Intern and Volunteer in Latin America.

United Kingdom

By Program

  • CIEE
    For CIEE programs in Chile and the Dominican Republic.
  • Emily Galotta Memorial Scholarship
    For female art majors/minors who study at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy. Contact Study Abroad for details.
  • SAI Programs
    For SAI programs at Florence University of the Arts and John Cabot University.
  • SIT Study Abroad
    For SIT programs in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.
  • University of Minnesota
    Scholarships for students participating in University of Minnesota programs in Toledo, Spain, and Montpellier, France.

By Identity

  • DiversityAbroad
    DiversityAbroad partners with several organizations to offer study abroad grants and scholarships.
  • Veterans
    The Post-9/11 GI Bill can be applied to study abroad programs.