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Alyssa Wolan
      Alyssa Wolan

Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin
Program: Fundación de Ortega y Gasset | University of Minnesota
Location: Toledo, Spain
Semester Abroad: Fall 2011
Major: Elementary Education; Spanish

Memorable Experience:
It is difficult to select just one memorable experience. I think it was the many little experiences that made my time in Spain special. Studying in a country where the language is not your native language is very challenging and rewarding. Forming relationships with people from Spain is something that I'll never forget. Although these friendships made it more difficult to leave, I hope that these friendships bring me back to Spain someday!

Benefits of Studying Abroad:
Studying abroad gave me the chance to be independent in a new way. This experience allowed me to immerse myself in a different way of life. Not only did the experience make me more globally aware, but it also made me more aware of myself and my own culture. After studying abroad, I have gained a new sense of adventure. 

Academically and professionally, I feel better prepared to discuss topics about Europe. Also, I was surprised how quickly I felt comfortable speaking Spanish. I hope that the experience of studying abroad will create more opportunities in the future to take more adventures abroad or even in the United States.

Advice & Tips:
DO IT! I know that it can be easy to dismiss studying abroad as impossible because it is so new and different. Before going abroad, it is hard to visualize what the experience will actually be like. This can sometimes create more anxiety than excitement about studying abroad. However, once you get there and start making your way, you will be so glad to have seized the opportunity. Now is definitely the time to study abroad. You will learn so much more studying abroad than just the "studying" part of it.

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