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Amy Thomas
      Amy Thomas

Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Program: Macquarie University
Location: Sydney, Australia
Semester Abroad: Spring 2005
Major: Business Administration; Psychology
Memorable Experience:
Seeking an exotic, memorable excursion (while being mindful of limited funds), I seized a volunteering opportunity during my semester abroad. Destination: Ayer’s Rock, the Australian outback, for those seeking blistering heat, ultimate sun exposure, and relentless flies. But, after the sun, flies, and tourists retreated, stillness descended. We fastened tarps to the sandy red earth and, at the base of the Uluru, drifted to sleep under the southern constellations. While not to everyone’s taste, for me, this survivalist excursion inspired lasting friendships and returned a favor to my host country.

Benefits of Studying Abroad:
Let’s be honest: Who doesn’t want to escape endless weeks of sub-zero temperatures?

On a more serious note, benefits at large have been greater independence and perspective. Study abroad (and further cultural experiences) encouraged me to critically evaluate my personal values and my country’s attitudes and policies. But best of all, study abroad was just the beginning of my travel adventures. I have since traveled much of Europe, parts of Asia, and have just booked a flight to Japan!

Advice & Tips:
Locals know better than a Lonely Planet travel guide. Be inquisitive. The unbeaten path is more challenging and more rewarding. The most frustrating situations often make the best stories. Never call your parents in hysteria, especially if you lose your passport hours before departure, hypothetically speaking.

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